Zhang Shuhong Suicide Into A Major Evacuation Of The Pearl River Delta Trigger Shoe

{flickr|100|campaign} New Year in January, the Pearl River Delta is experiencing an unprecedented transfer of the pain: the thousands of shoe factories closed down, thousand enterprises in Hong Kong face off, a huge number of SMEs plan to move out. Territory in the Chinese economy has been leading for many years in the Pearl River Delta, once lively, brilliant “world factory” scene may be history. Move to bring in, from the traditional labor-intensive industries to upgrade to a modern industrial system, is the reality, is a historical necessity. But the reborn is a painful process, enterprises, migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta after the big move will usher in what future?

 A variety of factors make them difficult to sustain

 Jan. 1 implementation of the new “Labor Contract Law,” some companies decide to move out of the last palm. But the shoe large retreat, or enterprise has long been the most fundamental reason for the “internal injuries.” The past six months, many shoe enterprises to relocate. Some shoe bosses said the company increased the load again and again – the yuan continues to appreciate, raw material prices, wage costs, recruitment difficulties, export inhibition, frequent adjustment of the policy, making it difficult to sustain them.

 According to reports, in Dongguan, about 1,000 shoe enterprises have 200-300 homes in the closure of the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan is only a corner. It is estimated that after the Spring Festival will also have a large number of shoe closed. Closed footwear enterprises, about 25% moved to Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, about 50% moved to Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi and other provinces.

 Zhang Shuhong suicide is the fuse

 Shoes retreat, just a simmering Pearl River Delta’s manufacturing epitome of a mass migration. Clothing, textiles, plastic products, electronic components, metal and non-metallic products, there were large-scale withdrawal of the case company. Popularity of some former industrial park boiling, and now many factories are empty, cluttered ground traces left behind when companies move out. Or move out of large corporate failures, causing a chain effect. 10 000 large factories closed down, causing the cluster chain of 200 000 small factories were affected. If coupled with smaller shops, these numbers multiplied by 10.

 Zhang Shuhong Foshan toy manufacturers in 2007 suicides, to the toy business process pressure and panic. Subsequently, a variety of restrictive policies come one after another: on July 1 last year, adjusted some of the goods of the export tax rebate policy; July 23 issued the “processing trade restricted catalog”, textile, furniture, etc. 1853 kinds of processing trade is limited ; by the end of December, the new batch of 589 kinds of products processing trade ban catalog is published. This year’s “tax integration”, accused of a direct result of many businesses to close. Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Guangdong has also called on Hong Kong enterprises in transition as soon as possible upgrade or migration.

 Government urges businesses restructuring and upgrading

 Industrial transfer itself is not strange, continuous raw materials, wages and other costs is the market has been a signal to the PRD, which has been oriented to the enterprise release of government information is: the Pearl River Delta has only one way – Industrial restructuring and Upgrading is the only way out. The face of a large number of shoe-to-quit, Chan Chung-ball Houjie mayor said he did not have to worry about. Because the current is transferred out of low value-added processing and manufacturing sectors, while the core technology research and development and procurement of trade remained in Dongguan.

 Chan Chung-Ball said the government is currently doing, is to create an Asian shoe Houjie Town headquarters base, new product R & D center, information exchange center, center of trade orders and pricing center. In Dongguan, a number of advantages of shoe manufacturers did not migrate. The world’s largest shoes trader, the United States, President Charles Lee Wai shoes that they did not intend to leave Dongguan, because there is no chain of a place so perfect, like Dongguan.

 Transfiguration, the bottleneck of the Pearl River Delta on the experience it is also an urgent choice based on reality. Today, the reality of the Pearl River Delta, although industrial transfer and upgrade elected, but “much cry and little”, the traditional low value-added labor-intensive enterprises still occupy a major share.

 Affected by the Pearl River Delta Economic

 It is undeniable that a large number of closure or relocation of business, directly affecting the Pearl River Delta economy. For example, enter “300 000 000 000 GDP club” Dongguan recently broke news: high-speed growth for 20 consecutive years, he slowed down last year, a record low. Dongguan’s GDP growth is expected to lower this year. Some analysts believe that GDP growth slowed in Dongguan, a manufacturing industry gradually moved out, new industries coming up in time, experience “industrial hollowing out” of reasons. “An opportunity and a challenge.” Shenzhen Vice Mayor Zhang Siping about enterprise upgrading, said, “If handled well, will be able to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading; if not handled properly, could weaken the city’s competitive force.