Your Work From Home Business Can Be Up And Running In Minutes If You Become An Affiliate!


So you’ve made the decision that you’d like to start a work from home business, in order to make some additional cash. Most experienced internet marketers will tell you that the best place to start is by setting yourself up as an affiliate. Typically, you will begin by promoting information products. Whilst there are a number of places on the internet where you can promote downloadable information products, the most popular is Clickbank. Don’t be confused by the name – it is NOT a bank.

Clickbank is a directory of thousands of digital products that when you promote and drive sales, you earn commissions. At the time of writing there were 23 different categories of products. However, Clickbank is quite dynamic, therefore categories and products are updated on a regular basis.

Some of the popular categories are Arts & Entertainment, Business / Investing, Games, Health & Fitness and Languages.

Clickbank has been established for over ten years, with a reputation for paying affiliates, running their own work from home business, on time.

OK, it’s time to get your teeth into it, and let’s start by taking a look around the Clickbank Marketplace. The Clickbank homepage is at Once here, click on the “Marketplace” tab. Now, spend an hour or so clicking on the categories, viewing the various products available, and familiarising yourself with the site. You will discover a wealth of products that you can promote, when you are ready. Just spend some time looking at a number of products sales pages, by clicking on the title shown in red.

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the Marketplace, it’s time for you to sign up to Clickbank, so that you can become an Affiliate and begin promoting your first product. Click the “Sign Up” tab at the top. You will see the sign up form is easy to complete. Once you have completed the fields, and ticked the box agreeing to their terms and conditions, submit the form.

Clickbank will send you a confirmation email, containing a code which will be your Password for signing in. Click the link they include in the email – your sign up is complete. You have now started your own work from home business and are officially an Affiliate Marketer. Congratulations! It’s time to pick your niche, product and start promoting – preferably through writing and submitting quality articles. This is a superb (and free) way of generating traffic to your chosen product.