Your Email Marketing Success Is Built Upon This


One of the keys to having a profitable niche internet business is an effective email marketing strategy that must be based on one overriding principle. Recognise it and stick to it and you will enjoy the fruits of your work for years to come. Ignore or deviate away from it and you will very quickly find out that the future success you envisaged enjoying never materialises.

So what is the foundation that I am talking about? It is the concept of building trust with your email list and the way to do that is to act with integrity. Via your email messages, your list members will quickly gauge your level of integrity based on what you say and how you say it. Whatever messages you send, you have to be sincere. If you say that you can do something then prove it. If you state that you have achieved something or possess experience and knowledge about a specific topic then make sure you show it. And if you make a promise, then you must always ensure you deliver it.

Never forget the fact that integrity can be subtle at times. Consistency of message is the key, yet if this is deviated from you can in fact sabotage the integrity that you have worked hard to build. So a consistent message over a period of time will build the trust for your email list members that make them feel comfortable with you, comfortable enough for them to do business with you. Demonstrate integrity by delivering on your promises and acting in a consistent manner with your beliefs and principles. A consistent message will win trust rather than saying one thing then taking the complete opposite line soon thereafter.

Once the trust between you and your email list has been established a rapport can be built. They will be able to relate to you, feel the exact experiences that you are demonstrating, in fact, they see you as one of them. Through giving education and useful information to them, the rapport builds and when you do come to offer them a product or service that you recommend will assist them to progress or solve a dilemma, then they will be more than willing to listen to what you have to say. And why is this? The reason is trust, the trust that you have built up over the intervening period where their confidence in you has grown and they feel that you are someone they can identify with.

As you can appreciate, the art of email marketing is much more than just cobbling together a message to send to your list telling them to buy this product because it’s great. You will never achieve building and profiting from an internet business if your approach mirrors that model. You may have received email messages from marketers that constantly sell products to you. The problem they have is that their mailing list is prone to a high rate of churn because of the actions they are taking. They have to continually attract new people to sign up. There is very little chance of trust and a rapport being developed and therefore it is not a stable internet business model to follow.