You Can’t Get Him Back By Feeling Sad And Lonely – How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Love You Again


Sitting alone night after night waiting for him to call can be a very lonely life. If you have had a breakup, you might feel the future you dreamed of with the man you love has vanished with him. Feeling sorry for your self will not help, but you do not want to rush things either. Following your instincts at this crucial time can make you lose that rosy future you had planned for good. You need to learn how to make your ex boyfriend love you again.

Actually you are better off to sit and wish for him to call than chasing after him. But neither course of action will get your ex back. You have to come out of your lethargy, but you also have to control your emotions. Once you begin to have feeling again, you will be tempted to call your ex and vent your anger. That will only make matters worse. Your best course of action is to make him feel you don’t care.

Showing him that you are not bothered by the breakup, will do more to make him desire you than any amount of crying and begging could ever do. Men respect strong and mature women and avoid the weak and desperate ones. Male psychology will also tell you they want what they cannot have. So, your every action needs to show him that you are fine with the breakup and you are moving on.

To make your ex boyfriend love you again, you have to make him miss you. Men fall in love from a distance and they cannot stand to lose what is theirs. This might surprise you, but he still considers you to be his girlfriend. By ignoring him and starting a new life without him, he will feel you are slipping away from him. This will confuse your ex because he was counting on the fact that you were still in love with him to have you waiting for him.

When he broke up with you, he thought he could have some fun, date other women and come back to you when he was ready. By showing that you no longer have an interest in him, he will feel he was mistaken. He will also be kicking himself for being such a fool. He will realize that you were the best thing to ever happen to him. This feeling will completely reverse the breakup and make him feel you are rejecting him.

Your ex boyfriend will be the one that is feeling sad and lonely now. All of his plans have blown up in his face and all he will be able to think of is finding a way to win back your love.