York – a Beautiful City for All Travel Enthusiasts


As a city of combinations between the new and the old, York will be a city offering you relaxation with the same old tired tourist attractions and a real history, which makes you easily spend a month there to see and experience.


And if you do end up staying that long, there is no need to worry as you will be a lot of choice in the cheap hotels York has to offer. Such as the Mont-Clare guest house, which is close to York Minster, a famous large cathedral that is a must see for all visitors. Or you could try out the Greenside which is just a few minutes walking distance to the centre of the city. They also offer a secure parking lot for peace of mind. If you are on a budget and cheap hotels in York is what you are after then check out all of their accommodations.


Do you enjoy shopping? Just looking for a few one-of-a-kind presents? Take a walk around town and see all that York has to offer. You will be treated to the unique boutiques and shops offering you jewellery, clothes, books and more. You can pick up locally created products at one of the independent shops, or pick up something from more popular designers at the outlet stores. You could easily spend several days just shopping in York.


Now, before you spend all of your time shopping and spending your money, be sure to check out some of the world famous ghost tours in York. Many view York as the most haunted city in England and if you are lucky, or rather unlucky, you just might find out firsthand for yourself.


All of the shopping and ghost hunting will surely make you hungry. No matter what your tastes are, you are sure to find something you enjoy. Whether you are in the mood for Chinese or Thai food, you will be able to get your cravings met. Also, be sure to check out the pubs and tea rooms in town to get a feel for what life is really like in York.


While you will never be at a lack of things to do in York, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have some where to stay. If you cannot find cheap hotels York has a range of alternative accommodations. There are several different hostels available such as the Ace York or Huntington House.


Get transported back into time over a thousand years ago and see what a Viking settlement looked like at the Jorvik Viking Centre. Or check out the York Castle Museum – trust me, it’s not your ordinary museum. There is so much to do and see in York, that it is a must visit for all travel enthusiasts. See for yourself and visit one of the greatest cities that all of Europe has to offer.