Xiang Jie Chinese Cosmetics Market Sales Channels

.tags China Cosmetic The overall industry size and growth rate are at a high level in recent years the average growth rate of 15%. 2007 sales of more than 120 billion yuan, an increase much faster than GDP. A wide range of Chinese cosmetics market dynamic: the capital to the brand, from technology to products from the market to marketing, from the channel to sell, from policy to legislation, blowout-style golden opportunities and exciting challenges everywhere. Every detail of the signal changes have touched the nerve throughout the day and the future of industry, a dazzling, dizzying. And some clues indicate a more fundamental change has burst on the scene towering, eye-catching … ….

1 retail channel diversification of the Chinese Cosmetics

2008, China’s cosmetics market has entered a truly “new channel development effort”, with various forms of specialty stores and specialty stores is in this “tussle” in the protagonist. By Shiseido international brands represented together with nature, the U.S. factor, a large-scale domestic brands such as access to specialty stores, boutique shops and chain specialty stores into a new channel for highlights.

Addition to department stores, supermarkets and specialty stores Yetai, the cosmetics sales of new Yetai also in the ascendant. Currently factory outlets, online shopping, TV shopping, mail order, automatic kiosks, drug and beauty shops, and other means have sprung up development of industry leading companies have varying degrees of attention and participation of these new channels.

More and more international brands have chosen to develop a variety of sources. Such as Shiseido counters on only has shopping, there are some products sold at supermarkets open shelf, but sources at the specialty stores have their own stores; and CLARINS (Clarins) opened mall counters at the same time, the agency also has the beauty sector; DHC also launched two virtual networks and telephone sales channels … … international brands have studied under a large field sales channel, channel mix the full proof way of selling more favorable product sales and brand building, and consumers in the purchase cosmetics will have more choices when the purchase experience will be greatly enhanced.

The diversity of distribution channels is a necessary requirement for a wide range of brands, there is no hierarchy and an efficient sales model, for different brands on the market is difficult to translate into real spending power of the market. From the capital to the brand, from brand marketing to public relations competition will come into the market and sales to competition, sales channels, largely determine the size and efficiency of the model and brand marketing, the result of competition for communications and public relations cost-effectiveness of brand marketing through sales channels will eventually be realized.

Table 1, the main sales channels in China Cosmetics

The basic characteristics of channel types

Counter foreign-led, competitive, suitable for high-end products

Shops most popular channels, including foreign and domestic chains and single store chain. Category range, variety, service professional

Store demanding enterprise comprehensive strength (such as adequate SKU and marketing), image display and is conducive to brand building. Outstanding international brands, domestic brands represented by HERBORIST

Convenience store convenient, but less brand

Supermarkets and multi-brand, low price competition, with “marketing warfare” and “shelf War” features

Sensitive direct sales force direct policy

TV shopping foreign investment, gradually standardized. Still need to cultivate consumer habits

Network + new telemarketing channels. Rapid development and great potential. Target audience receptive to new things, spending ability.

Pharmacy new channels.