Xiamen Engineering Machinery And Equipment 300 Sets Another Step “roof Of Africa”

.tags Building work a further 300 sets of machinery and equipment Tap “roof of Africa”

7 18, Going to do in Xiamen Customs Laboratory, Electrical and Mechanical Xinglin Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Ministry of International Settlements, Bank of China and CITIC security institutions such as the strong support of the production of the 125 building workers Loader Loading terminal in Xiamen Dongdu shipment exported to the “roof of Africa,” said the Ethiopian. This year, the building work will be to Ethiopia Sell 200, including loaders, Roller Including Construction Machinery .

Marks the export business through years of unremitting, Xiamen Engineering Machinery Market in Ethiopia work has established the loader as the leading market. Building work has been Ethiopia mechanical products to the government from civil society fully recognized brand in the local influence of initial shape.

Building work early loader into Ethiopia in 1998, in the next few years, building work product in the local share of the increase. At the same time, building and industrial products are with stable performance and excellent value for money, construction machinery industry in Ethiopia has been very good professional reputation.

Through the gradual accumulation ,2005-2006, workers building products market in the Ethiopian civil society to achieve more excellent performance of the rapid growth of sales year after year. And the realization of building work in 2008 loader, Roller , Grader Products such as the sale of the city in Ethiopia, more than 180 units in the market to form a good brand influence.

Construction machinery market in the development process of Ethiopia, Xiamen International Trade company working for the local market characteristics, to take a proactive, targeted marketing strategies, and constantly bigger market pie, initially established in Ethiopia, the leading construction machinery market sheep status. In particular, in 2008, building work to stabilize the performance of equipment received wide acclaim. Played in the local owners are more exemplary role in promoting strong, effective in enhancing the Ethiopian authorities decided in 2009 to add another 300 loader confidence.

At the same time, building civil society in Ethiopia working roller also made a good reputation, aroused the interest of the Ethiopian government, was invited to participate in government procurement on the roller Tender . And finally by the end of June this year, the Ethiopian authorities were once again the subject of roller 100, and plans to ship in the near future.

Weng Kee, general manager of Xiamen International Trade Industry spring, said building work on the Ethiopian market open up overseas markets, especially in the African market significance. Xiamen International Trade Industry has identified the strategic position of Ethiopia, is to work in Ethiopia to develop the African market as building a bridgehead, creating Ethiopia and greatly expanded Tanzania, Kenya, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Angola and other African countries, the entire film market . At present, the building workers have set up offices in Ethiopia, and then will set up a subsidiary, and a service center for industrial machinery, building maintenance services escort, when the time comes, will consider the establishment of CKD assembly center.