Writing Great Subject Lines – 3 Tips for Email Marketing Profits

Chances are, if you regularly check your email inbox you’ve seen some great email subject lines.

You know, the ones that you simply cannot resist opening, even if just to read the first line, which is frequently a continuation of the subject line.

This is a key element in a successful email marketing strategy. You must do what it takes to get your email recipients to actually open and read your emails.

So many email marketing writers drop the ball here, I see it everyday – my email inbox is flooded with ho-hum, ineffective subject lines that I immediately dump into my trash bin quicker than a cat can lick it’s butt. It becomes such a hassle, separating the wheat from the chaff – I really don’t have an hour or more to spare everyday, going through volumes of text, identifying which emails are legit and which are just another email marketing crap offer or scam.

So the only time-saving option I have is to scan the subject lines, highlight the garbage, and chunk ’em all into the cyber dump. However, there is the occasional golden nugget, sitting there staring at me, that some email marketing genius has slipped into the fray. The subject line is so tantalizing, so psychologically teasing, so “looky here!”… it could be… worth my while! No way could I not open this one, it could be the real deal!

This is how you distinguish yourself as a serious email marketing professional. You simply must know the tricks of the trade to effectively compete with the thousands of email marketing businesses online for your slice of the pie. Here are three quick tips to guide you when you launch your next email marketing campaign for whatever product or service you’re offering:

Great Email Marketing Subject Line Tip #1: Keep your subject line brief. Usually no more than four to six words max. You want the entire line to be visible to the recipient without scrolling. Many business-generated emails try to pack as much info into the subject line as possible – don’t do that. A cluttered subject line usually means a long, complicated email that takes too long to read, and will proably get dumped without being opened.

Great Email Marketing Subject Line Tip #2: Don’t use capitalization or punctuation. Here again is the essence of business-generated email subject lines – they’re too perfect, giving the impression of a business sales letter. If your subject line is in all lower case and missing punctuation, it will more likely be opened and read, especially if you use the following…

Great Email Marketing Subject Line Tip #3: Give the reader a benefit. This generates curiosity that is hard to resist. The reader simply has to click just once to find out what its all about. Their reasoning is “oh, its such a simple subject line, it’ll only take a few seconds to check this out.” For example, a subject line like “much easier now this way” is effective because the reader thinks “Hey, I like easier, but what is it? Let’s see…”, and bam!, email opened, step one accomplished.

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