Writer Director Adam Green Next Big Thing


Who is Adam Green? Keep your eyes open for the next big thing to happen to horror. Writer/director Adam Green is responsible for bringing us such movies as Coffee & Donuts, Hatchet, Spiral and Frozen and he seems to have much to offer even though he’s new to the scene. Hatchet was pretty much a flop in my book though many slasher movies have their share of cheesy moments. The story followed Mardi Gras vacationers on a haunted boat ride through a haunted bayou who meet their fate when confronted with a dude who kills people with… you guessed it, a Hatchet. You have your share of half naked screaming girls and poor effects like when the guy picks up a girl and drops her on the pole of a rake that is standing up. Rather than the rake falling over, of course, it goes right through her. Nevertheless, I still didn’t hold it against Green. If you see a chance, you take it.

The first major movie in a filmmaker’s career is not always a blockbuster hit but there’s plenty of room to pick up and move on, hopefully learning valuable lessons along the way. I believe Green did just that. He started off with a fizzle but I have a feeling he will end with a bang. He went from silly slasher flick to the hit movie Frozen. I had to give Green another shot because he is so new to the business so I decided to watch Frozen a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. It was almost as if two totally different people made these films and this is a good thing. The movie was not necessarily a horror film but it was definitely a thriller and had me biting my nails from beginning to end. We had a chance to get to know and grow fond of the characters in the beginning of the movie so when tragedy struck we were praying for their survival. The circumstance that lead them to be stranded out in the freezing cold with no escape was not that unbelievable and it could happen to anyone given the right timing and conditions. The fact that this could happen to you makes it that much more frightening and very entertaining. As difficult as it was to watch as these young people suffer, I was still begging for more in the end. You know that your movie is a success when your audience is begging for more.

The profits that Green pulled in from Frozen and Hatchet will probably be rolling in ten-fold by the time the new movie he’s working on hits the big screen. This movie will be none other than Killer Pizza, adapted from the kid’s novel of the same title written by Greg Taylor. Christopher Columbus and CJ Entertainment’s production company 1492 Pictures will present the film and Green will be the director. If you recall, Chris Columbus is the writer that delivered such hits as Gremlins and The Goonies, so chances are, it’s going to be good. Just think of the money he’ll be able to put into a horror masterpiece in the future after all of this experience and the profits he makes within the next few years.

Adam Green is from my home state of Massachusetts and grew up in Holliston. He attended college in New York at Hofstra University then started working right away as a producer and director of TV commercials in the greater Boston area. He eventually moved to California where he worked at Rainbow Bar & Grille on Sunset Strip in Hollywood hoping to make it big and this is where he first met Rileah Vanderbilt. Green and Vanderbilt were friends for years and formed a relationship. They were recently married this past June and you might recognize her face from his movie Frozen. She was the woman who was having a tough time with her skis and took an interest in Shawn Ashmore’s character Joe Lynch.

I had the chance to meet Adam Green at the Rock and Shock horror festival at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. He was the only horror star there that had a sign at his table stating that he does not charge for autographs because he “loves” his fans. Everyone else was charging $ 20 and up for pictures and autographs. You could barely look at some of them without taking your wallet out first. I won’t mention any names (Julian Sans). I knew right away Green was real people and even though I had no clue who he was at the time, I had to meet him- Not to mention the fact that he’s pretty easy on the eyes. His personality and his generosity to his fans is what sparked my interest to check out his movies in the first place. I wish I had the chance to speak with him again now that I have an appreciation for his work and know just how famous he will become in the near future! Well, I can always hope to see him at next year’s convention. Stay tuned for Hatchet 2 because it looks like it’s going to take on a whole new meaning compared to the original. From what I hear, Green is having to fight to get a rated R. Sounds good to me.

Adam Green:
“I like that conventions want me to appear and festivals want me to come speak because they like the climate I attract. It’s a good feeling.”

Kane Hodder on working with Green:
“He is fun and extremely talented. One of, if not the most, talented first time directors I’ve ever worked with. He did do some other stuff, but “Hatchet” was the first big release he put out. I was, and still am, amazed at his abilities and natural talent for writing and directing. He wrote the script for “Hatchet 2? in a week.”

By: Francis David