WP7 threat Android with the quality of the phone hardware


Create a mobile operating system for consumers, Microsoft may be half a beat slower, but Windows Phone 7 (hereinafter referred to WP7) had set things right for the actions of the past of Google. According to the first two weeks I saw and heard at Microsoft headquarters, WP7 team is walking on correct golden road and WP7 would be a huge threat to Google.

The essential part of Microsoft’s new handset strategy is to implement the quality control to the handset hardware manufacturer. But is not likely google’s android, it is only responsible to compile the software (http://www.globalshareware.com/); the hardware manufacturer may do as their wishes. In order to be able to run WP7, hardware vendors must meet the strict standard of Microsoft.

For example, each mobile (http://www.globalshareware.com/Mobile-software/) equipped with WP7 operating system must have three basic physical buttons and also complete a series of Microsoft tests.

Microsoft has established a new laboratory for this, with robots and automated process for testing each phone, to ensure that different phones WP7 normal operation, functional performance consistent.

To take efforts to control quality and ensure consistent user experience, Microsoft is perhaps the field of magic to recover mobile phones. Just after Apple introduced the revolutionary iPhone (http://www.globalshareware.com/iPhone-Video-Converter-software/), Windows Mobile’s market share dropped sharply, with the desktop appearance and functionality similar to the system is no longer popular. WP7 is Microsoft completely reinvent the wheel, to turn over a cell phone operating system, with a new icon based user interface to run smoothly. WP7 will be the first mobile phone market in November.

Has a new test equipment, Microsoft take on the touch screen and sensors to ensure the normal work responsibilities, each model will be stress testing the software, find bugs and system errors (see above). Final test results will be different handset manufacturers WP7 very close to the performance of smart phones. This will facilitate the development of a third party; their software can be run without going through large changes in most of the equipment.

Contrast, Google does not require hardware manufacturers to conduct similar tests. Currently we see the consequences: the performance of the touch screen uneven, some programs can not be compatible with multiple versions of Android, and some manufacturers have even filled to the Android device software.

Most importantly, a consistent user experience will help customers understand the purchase of WP7 phone what they got.

WP7 operating system functions on each device are the same, so as consumers, need to care about the hardware only appearance, weight and size. By contrast, the purchase of Android phones, mobile phones may run different versions of the operating system. Buy WP7 phone functions without considering trade-offs, because they are running the same operating system, but the hardware is a bit different.

Inevitable question is, WP7 iOS will cause competition? It’s hard to say.

I do not spend enough time to test the final version of the mobile phone equipped with WP7, but I think the user interface than iOS WP7 refreshing, but Apple has built a rich mobile ecosystem So Jobs is now not need to worry.

But Google is a need to integrate the platform messy, because they not see the road more and more people are unknown. Go on like this, Android and the fate of Windows Mobile may be the same.