Wow, what did you do? – An Email Marketing Tale of Terror, Part 2

.tags It was an absolutely gorgeous evening, the sun had disappeared below the horizon, and after another fifteen minutes only the dim orange glow of clouds in the west provided barely enough light to see what I was writing in my daily journal. The Journal, as its cover title labeled it, had become part of a good habit, each evening sitting in my Amish built glider on the west-facing rear deck of my home, soaking in the peaceful serenity of my surroundings, and putting my thoughts from pen to paper, most of them useful for the next day’s blogs, emails, or other interesting email marketing content.

It was eerily quiet and still, the normal sounds of the local fowl had stopped, not even a slight breeze to rustle the light layer of fallen leaves covering my still lush summer lawn. As I closed my Journal and prepared to go inside for the night, I was startled by an odd sound, first a crack, then a thump. It was coming from the rear right corner of the yard, near the woods line.

My curiosity was sparked, to say the least – I had to check this out. Down the deck steps I bounded, walking quickly and was nearly into a trot when I heard the anguished cry of a woman’s scream, as if in extreme pain, and the loud rustle of dry leaves, even louder than those under my own feet as I broke into a full sprint directly towards the commotion. Never occurring to me that there may be danger ahead, I wondered what in the world would some woman be doing in my back yard, and why was she screaming?

As I approached the darkened woods line I could barely make out a shadowy figure at the base of a large sycamore tree, when in a split second, I saw the cause of the ruckus. I was instantly frozen in my tracks – it wasn’t a woman at all… it was… it – it w-was….

Do I have your attention? Do you really want to know what it was? Of course you do!

This is an email marketing technique that can help you build your opt-in list enormously. Which brings me to the next Email Marketing Tip. To recap the tips in part 1 of this story, Amazingly Effective Email Marketing Tip #1 was to write an interesting, compelling story, and #2 was to keep the reader in suspense…

Do you think that happened here? Here is the next tip:

Amazingly Effective Email Marketing Tip #3 – Keep your paragraphs short, two to three sentences max. This makes the story appear to be easy to read. Too many Email Marketing writers drop the ball here, sometimes leaving the entire article in one big block paragraph. Think about it, if you open an email and see a long page full of text,

you immediately think “Geez, i don’t have time to read all this.” Then you close or delete the email, never read it, and the writer’s efforts are in vain.

A great email marketing writer understands this concept, and breaks the story up into bite-sized chunks, welcoming the reader to stop and visit awhile. Don’t be an amateur. Put this tip to use and you’ll be well on your way to email marketing story-teller pro status.

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Watch for part 3 of this article, find out what froze me in my tracks on that dark woodsline, and get more Amazingly Effective Email Marketing Tips!

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