WoW Auction Mastery Review


The Auction House (AH) in World of Warcraft is huge – on a scale with the economies of small nations. And people take it very seriously. So, it’s no wonder when someone is told that they need to use the Auction House to make gold that they get frustrated or bored quickly. The truth though is that the Auction House is a tremendous tool for gold making if you have the right tutorial in hand to help you. One such tutorial, recently launched by Mayley Winter is called WoW Auction Mastery and has been causing a number of people to start reevaluating how they use the Auction House.

Mayley’s new WoW Auction Mastery product claims that it can help anyone start earning gold from scratch with a brand new character on a brand new server. Anyone who has ever tried to make gold in the Auction House before knows that this is much harder said than done. You need something to start with. Mayley’s Auction House guide shows you where to start though, and includes a wide array of different video evidence to back it up.

Starting with a simple introductory video on the home page, Mayley shows you how gold can be made from scratch (in this particular case, they make 1000 gold out of 1 gold in 5 hours). The result is a system that provides intricate insights into how the AH system works in World of Warcraft and what it takes to effectively make gold without spending excess time there or grinding in the mean time.

Mayley Winter throws out all of the conceits about making gold with gold guides, grinding, or daily quests (the prevailing methods) and replaces them with a simple, economy based strategy system of buying what is underpriced and selling what is overpriced. The result is a streamlined system that tosses out any items that don’t work for profit and hoards the rest.

For anyone interested in becoming more effective at making gold in the AH, WoW Auction Mastery is the best place to start. It provides detailed, in-depth methods to master your craft without wasting so much of your time or hard earned money. And that is what any good gold making guide is supposed to do.