Workout Programs To Keep Your Fitness


There are a lot of ways to answer about the meaning of fitness. Some may think fitness means to be trong and muscular, but the others may think it means to be endurable. For this reason, now I will discuss with you about two different workout programs. the first program is to achieve maximum strength and the second program is to be both strong and endirable.


The first program will use a barbell and consists of compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. To build strength it is best to do two sets of each with only 1-5 repetitions.


Day 1: Lunges, military press, dips, dumb bell swings.

Day2: Romanian dead lifts, pull ups, one armed barbell curls, renegade rows.

Day 3: Bench press, squats, clean and jerk, dumbbell snatches.

Day 4: Dead lift, chin ups, bent over rows.


The second workout program will use a device called a kettlebell which looks like a cannonball with a handle. Because of its design it can be swung and of the hundreds of different exercises you can do with a KB the swing is essential to most of them. This brings an added element of cardiovascular activity that is not present in the other workout. The Russian military has been working out with KBs for years and in WW II a British general was amazed at their level of fitness and endurance.


When doing this workout it is best to do one exercise, rest briefly and then move on to the other. Do as many as you can.


Day 1: Figure 8s, 1 handed swings, squats, extended dead lifts, halos, lunges.

Day2: high pulls, chin ups, swing snatch, rows, dips, push ups, renegade rows.

Day 3: Figure 8s, 1 handed swings, squats, extended dead lifts, halos, lunges.

Day 4: Pull ups, dips, push ups, renegade rows, military press, cross over clean and press, swing snatch.