Winter Sun Holidays in Maldives and Caribbean



What do people in Europe do in the shivering winters of December-March? Wrong question! There are no people in Europe in such chilly weather. Each one of them can be traced in either the magnificent Maldives or the colourful Caribbean. No wonder, cheap tickets to Maldives and Caribbean are so easily available.


Indeed, Maldives is a very popular destination for Europeans in December to April because of its glorious winter sun. Many people regard Maldives as the ultimate luxury place and the number of direct London to Maldives flights hint that most of those many people are British. Maldives is famous for its stunning beaches, blue waters and tender warmth. The life at Maldives is very simple. It is all about bright sunshine, brilliant blue skies, snorkelling in warm water and fantastic diving all year round. Maldives is the one country that embraces visitors from all over the world.

Male’, capital of Maldives, is the contemporary and commercial facet of the country. Surrounded by beautiful blue water all around, Male’ is the nerve centre of Maldives. Male’ is delightful and pleasantly eccentric. The city’s numerous alcohol-free restaurants and bars intermingle with its unbelievable assortment of shops and vivacious markets. The city offers a chance to feel and see the real Maldives.

The heart-shaped Addu Atoll is one of the most popular destinations among travellers. It is the extreme southern most point of the country that has a very distinctive feel and appeal to it. The region is heavily influenced by the British culture because of the presence of a former British naval base in the area.


Think of the Caribbean Islands and most chances are that you will envisage some hackneyed images of beautiful beaches and someone having drinks with tiny umbrellas in it. Well, it’s a nice imagery but trust me the amazing islands of the Caribbean offer so much more.

The weather at the Caribbean is great throughout the year but it has been seen that most travellers from North America and Europe ‘migrate’ to these balmy islands when their own countries are experiencing the biting winters. During the time from December to April, the tourism in the Caribbean is at its peak.

The islands of Caribbean portray an effervescent blend of cultures. There is so much to experience in this beautiful place. The Caribbean forests give an altogether new definition to the word ‘green’, the squawking birds seem like a symphony song and the seafood is as good as it gets. And yes, you can also sip into one of those drinks with tiny umbrella in it.