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{flickr|100|campaign} Painstaking enterprise which, in addition to have a core competitive advantage, more important is to have a competitive system of organic. The fundamental purpose of existence of the business is profitable lasting value, to achieve this goal, companies must create a system in the market overall competitiveness.

Early in a market economy, market entry threshold is low, companies rely on a little money or connections can be opened a little, but with the rapid growth of the domestic economy, the competitive environment of rapid change, especially channels and terminal differentiation of fissile the development of enterprises are facing increasing challenges.

Markets such as the battlefield, to be used to fight not bold courage, lies were in formations, infantry, cavalry, armor, archers, and so work together, to play a more attacking strengths.

Rapid growth of wine industry today is no longer the small workshops of the times, you bite me bite, I kick you kick, whose wine tastes better, who will play Advertisement Who will be able to “over-collected on March 5 fight,” the test of market competition is now a system of competitive advantage and systems.

According to the system Marketing Model, the enterprise should build the system “Ten Marketing Competitiveness”: Static

products sales force to sell a leather goods.

Sell a leather goods, reflecting the characteristics of Chinese consumption.

In foreign countries, mostly low-grade high-grade bare naked bottle of wine, at home, naked is poor, that is, Di Dangjiu. Wine Into China, not only out of the night games wearing trousers. This is the Chinese characteristics, because Chinese people “good face”, do not wear clothes not even think about into Hotels Waste water are you?

The saying goes, “Consumer brand identity, advertising attracts consumers Package Affect consumers. “Packaging has been changed to protect products, convey information, facilitate the transport of the original function, as to enhance product value, brand image, promote Sell The most direct, effective and efficient way.

The United States was conducted a survey: customers enter the store to buy things, there are around 60% would change their mind, would have to buy a brand, finally bought a brand B; had to buy low-end goods, and eventually bought a high-grade goods, which originally only wanted to buy Chocolate Sugar, the results also bought a beautiful new brand of cosmetics packaging. This change is largely caused by packaging. Particularly in the supermarket, consumers can access goods, consumer goods packaging products has become the most intuitive first impression, with a strong marketing function.

Attractive price, “affordable” is the last word.

Strong brand to sell high-priced, brand selling small difference. Or, buy a packaged good will shout to the high prices, no money to buy clothes and shouted the only stripped “naked price.”

Currently growing tendency to high-end liquor prices, liquor recovery began after the price war “, opening play,” while low-end liquor is still a “low-low-open go” of bayonet fighting.

A celebrity says, “Pricing is the moment of truth?? Pricing decisions is the focus of all marketing activities.” Can not simply set prices according to production costs, it can not be too much emphasis on competition and comparison, this is a systematic project. “Blending Marketing”, a book done on the set price system introduced in detail below, we also give a detailed description.

According to Fang Dezhi industry’s long-term concern, consumers buy beverages in the decision-making process, perhaps for the actual price is not very clear, nor to calculate what the real price is the cost-effective. Consumer prices relative cognitive mostly psychological feelings, rather than absolute numbers.

Channel distribution strength, to do more practical channels are sometimes likened to the brand.

Devoted too many resources in the so-called corporate brand building that will soon have a brand invincible in the market, sit back and relax, but this is not true.