Windows 7 Firefox Crashes – Learn How Firefox Crashes Can Be Fixed


Most people have a very positive experience of net surfing on Windows 7. However, there have been reported a number of browser related errors such as Windows 7 Firefox crashes. The latest operating system from Microsoft is quite stable and efficient. If care is taken to maintain it then such problems can be solved easily.

If you are wondering how Firefox crashes can be solved in Windows 7 then take the following steps which are found to be of great help to fix this issue with this browser:

Repairing Registry: Repair registry errors such as file associations, active-x and other errors largely behind Windows 7 Firefox crashes. Cleaning Windows 7 registry is often helpful to fix the issue in minutes.

Updating/Adjusting Flash: Sometimes it is the Flash player which causes Firefox to crash in Windows 7. You can either install the latest version of Shockwave Flash player or get a previous version in case the latest Flash player is causing Windows 7 Firefox crashes.

You can do this by following these steps:

> Uninstall the existing Flash player using the Adobe official guide ( )

> Now install the latest Flash player from Adobe’s web site. If the latest version is not working then install some previous version of Flash.

Browser Add-ons/Plug-ins: Sometimes due to conflicting add-ons and browser plugins the Windows 7 Firefox crashes. Uninstall any add-on which you have recently installed and after which Firefox is crashing in Windows 7.

Clear Cache, History and Temporary Internet Files: Before running the registry repairing scan clearing cache, history and temporary internet files from the browser is really helpful.

The above guidelines will help you to fix Firefox crashing in Windows 7. If you need a quick fix and do not have the time to follow all the tips then running an effective Registry repairing scan with the Intel Software Partner, RegInOut is of great help.

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