Will Victor Buy the Right Gift for Jenny


After a tired day of working, Jenny loses herself in thinking about how to tell her boyfriend to buy the gift she wants for her birthday. Actually, in terms of the gift, Jenny has already found the very one, that is, the leather handbag recommended on the TV several days ago. In fact, at first, she planned to buy it by herself. However, later, she found that she did not have enough money left to pay for that leather bag. Then, one of her friends suggested her asking her boyfriend to buy one for her. All of a sudden, Jenny reminded that her birthday was drawing near, so she hoped that her boyfriend would send her this bag. But, she does not want to tell him directly what she wants. So, she just talks about this with her friend Charlotte who is also a good friend of Victor so that Victor may get the idea.
At the same time, Victor, Jenny’s boyfriend, also loses himself in considering how to choose the right gift for Jenny. Standing in front of the window of his office, looking at the rainy day through the window, suddenly, Victor sees Charlotte crossing the road to come to his company. It seems that the sky is clear, which represents that the good luck is coming. Then, a good idea flashes into his mind, that is, asking Charlotte for help. As Charlotte and Jenny are bosom friends, Charlotte must have a good understanding of Jenny’s preference.
A few minutes later, when Charlotte enters his office, Victor tells her about the problem that he meets with. As Jenny’s best friend, Charlotte agrees to give him some advice immediately because she has talked with Jenny about this. Victor tells her that he plans to send Jenny some ornaments in fashion, but he does not know well about Jenny’s preference. Remembering that Jenny was impressed by the handbag launched by Prada several days ago, Charlotte suggests him buying a handbag for Jenny. At first, Victor does not agree with her because he does not know well about fashion. Therefore, Victor still holds the idea that fashionable dresses will be much better than handbags. Hearing his opinion, Charlotte explains to him that handbags are also playing an important role in fashion. What is more, Jenny is always engrossed in collecting handbags, especially leather bags. With Charlotte’s guide, Victor gets close to the final goal, the black leather bag of Prada.
Will Victor buy the right gift in the end? I think, Victor will definitely choose the right one if he is not that stupid because of the obvious hints given by Charlotte. Certainly, I hope that Victor will buy the right one, otherwise he will not have a happy date with Jenny on Jenny’s birthday. The same stories happen every day between many couples.