Julian Assange, founder of media organisation WikiLeaks, has come to be synonymous one of the greatest whistle blowers the world has witnessed. Assange turned out to be an international celebrity ever since the leaks of classified diplomatic cables from various embassies of nations across the world to the headquarters, ie America. As internationally acclaimed journalist Nik Gowing said a few days before while addressing media community at Trivandrum, India, ‘these days on a fine morning one person finds himself elevated to the position of journalist with the fast developments in the field of technology’.

True, Julian Assange has carved his own niche through his website WikiLeaks which spilled out secret classified cables before the entire world to the shock and surprise of nations around the world and it could pave ways for many countries engaging in a diplomatic war with USA as its diplomats transferred to their mother country, ie America about each host nation’s so far concealed secrets. A nation, one and only Super Power on earth, US is seen absolutely shaken by the spilling of top secrets kept in its embassies across the nations the world over especially Afghanistan later touching upon various nations around the world. WikiLeaks leaked more than 95000 classified cables relating to Afghanistan alone and second set of diplomatic cables numbering about 250000 released last week. One of the most earth-shaking revelations was US authorities’ instructions to its diplomats at UN to spy on  UN officials which could stir a hornest’s nest. Pakistan, even India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s and other Arab nations’ compulsions and pressures on US to wage a war against Iran which is a Shia dominated one on the hot issue of Iran’s nuclear programmes. The rulers and dignitaries like Angela Merkel, Col.Muammar Gaddafi, one unnamed figure at Royal Palace of Britain, Hamid Karzai all figure in the list. Col.Muammar Gaddafi being always accompanied by a nurse, an Ukranian Blonde during his foreign jaunts and a distateful comment on Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and it goes on like this:  She never takes risk and is rarely creative. Ahmedi Nejad is likened to Hitler and Hamid Karzai is termed ‘paranoid’. Hilary tapes have termed India,Brazil, Japan, Germany as self-appointed permanent seat demanders at UN Security Council. Let’s expect more to spill over about India sooner rather than later. WikiLeaks has transferred the details to international publications in various countries – Guardian of Great Britain, New York Times, USA, Der Spiegel, Germany, Le Monde, France and Le Pais, Spain. In the coming days extracts of the leaked classified documents could be expected.  

Assange’s Wiikileaks first shocked the world sometime back by leaking 95000 secret documents almost all of them related to Afghanistan. British military’s inhuman activities while dealing with the Taliban prisoners, the ruthless punishments meted out to those against US’s pressure in Afghanistan all brought to the fore in the first set of documents.

Julian Assange finds himself safe in Sweden and as there is no extradition treaty signed by US and Sweden, it is against international conventions and norms to capture him by force. All protection being extended to this Australian, he is going on with his spilling game. Evenwhile leaking 95000 secret diplomatic documents he had publicly made it clear that more would follow sooner and keeping up his promise the man has kept his word. What all are going to follow is anybody’s guess, who else are going to be followed is anybody’s guess, who else are going to be affected remains to be seen.

When the first set of leaks were brought before the public relating US-British activities in Afghanistan, US got enraged  besides being shocked, termed WikiLeaks activities a crime and went on with the arguments that such sensitive matters being kept by any country be it US, Germany, Britain et al should remain untouched.

The not to taken aback Julian Assange was determined, still determined and even now a tip of the ice-berg is seen others swept under carpet.

As America has turned out to be the prime target, it is natural that such leaks are not to their taste and reports suggest US President Barack Obama is not at all pleased and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remark that it is really unfortunate. But the WikiLeaks game goes on and how far it is set to go on – all beyond predictions as of now.

WikiLeaks charge that a plot to hack its network had come to its notice and we can very well surmise that vested interests in other words , those who fear the worst are after it. Naturally not only the particular site even its founder Julian Assange’s life too seems to be in danger. He must be knowing it very well and it is worth noting that whistle blowers everywhere are in danger.

We have seen it in India since decades back recently such incidents show an alarming rise and many who fall victims to such wily ruthless plots of business tycoons are highly educated professionals and a part of the media world.

Pakistan all-weather friend of US  possessing nuclear weapons as per the WikiLeaks secrets continues to remain a nightmare to US and the former’s bonhomie with another all-weather friend China which is its neighbour too, gives US many a sleepless night. China’s phenomenal growth in almost all fields continues to remain a threat to US as it is set to overtake US in the not too distant future the reason being America ever since 2008 global meltdown still continues to lick wounds and incumbent President’s efforts to lift the badly hit economy from dire-straits are met with stiff resistance from the opposition Republican which at present is in a stronger position with it gaining a majority in the Congress.