Why Your Business Survival Requires Building An Email Marketing List

.tags Email marketing is a direct form of marketing that utilizes email rather than postal mail. It is used to communicate information with a targeted audience, to enhance the relationship between merchant and customer and encourage repeat business and to acquire new customers. Email is an incredibly powerful media, but it is much abused and, in the wrong hands, it can be the legitimate email marketer’s worst night mare.

Email marketing has tremendous advantages and among those advantages are:
a.) More than half of the email users check their email at least once per day, b.) A significant number of email users check their email multiple times per day,
c.) The delivery of information is almost instantaneous,
d.) Email allows messages with personalized, dynamic and relevant messages to reach a targeted audience
e.) Email is more cost effective than postal mail.

There are disadvantages to email as well and some of those are
a.) Incorrect or incomplete email addresses, and
b.) Unsolicited email is considered spam.

When building an email list for marketing purposes, it is always preferable to have permission from the receiver before sending them email. Permission is not difficult to get and here are a few ways to build an email list for marketing purposes.

Most companies with something to sell have a web page. Right on the splash page, add a short blurb about signing up for future information. All the customer has to do is type in their email address and hit the enter button. Include an incentive to opt in by offering a newsletter or coupon for your product or service. If a newsletter is part of the deal, make sure it is information based, and not just an advertisement for your product or service. If the information is useful, people will opt in and may pass the link onto others, which you should always encourage.

Advertise your product or services in other newsletters. Including a link to your web page will give interested persons the opportunity to find you. If they like what they see, they will opt in to receive what you have to offer. If your content is fresh, interesting and informative, those who opt in will stay.

Blogs have become a very popular means of communication and disbursement of information. If your blog has a lot to say and the information is relevant, it can be an important means of attracting attention. If people trust what you have to say, they will click on the link to your web page. Once you become the information pipeline to the people, you will have followers. Followers and groupies like to opt in and be the first to know whatever it is you have to say.