Why You Should Watch Football Made In Africa


Football brings people close. Before it used to be a preserve of the European countries only, but Africans have now taken up the game to other higher levels. Watching football from the continent is also much fun. Going by the levels of the game the Africans displayed during world cup no one should rule the continent out. Great players have been poached from this continent to go and play in very big clubs in Europe.

Football will very soon equal Africa’s prowess in other fields like athletics and rugby. This is good reason why coaches from big European clubs should come and watch Africans play in the local premier league competitions. Also the Africa cup of Nations that is broadcast live throughout Africa after every two years is very exciting to watch. It’s played in some of the greatest cities in Africa and one can even purchase tickets to come and watch the games live from the continent.

Football from Africa is also now being broadcast live courtesy to the greatest pay television in Africa-DSTV that is based in South Africa. It competes for space just like other big matches like La Liga, UEFA, Bundesliga and other European competitions. Also African hotels have now refurnished their hotels to accommodate the growing number of soccer fanatics. Big screens are now a must for anyone who wants his hotel business to grow. Also foreigners now have a good opportunity they can use to base their investments on in Africa.

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