Why You Need Diesel Additives


If you run a small diesel city car, or multinational haulage firm and you want to save money on fuel, you should read this article.

Here is how diesel additives achieve this.

1. Diesel additives work by raising the speed and temperature at which diesel burns. This leads to more energy being created which in turn leads to more power.

2. The vehicle will benefit from better performance thanks to the additives helping to provide more power. Some additives claim that they offer up to 10% more power.

3. Additives for diesel engines can keep the injectors clean, which can help to improve performance

4. The lubricants in the additives help reduce friction between components, which makes them last longer, and so lead to better performance, and mean that components will not wear out as quickly.

5. By using corrosion inhibitors, diesel additives can help to prolong the life of an engine, and so the vehicle. This can make a huge difference to companies that rely on their vehicles, such as taxi firms, delivery companies as well as public transport firms.

6. A more efficient and longer lasting engine reduces maintenance costs. The cost of maintaining a fleet of vehicles can be huge, so being able to minimize these costs can save a company a lot of time and money. It also means that vehicles will be on the road more, and so making money, as opposed to off the road and costing money.

7. Diesel additives can help to make engines more reliable, which means that they need less servicing. This can be important for companies whose vehicles cover thousands of miles on a regular basis, such as international haulage firms.

8. Some diesel additives offer cold weather protection, so that the diesel stays as a liquid. In countries that are very cold, for a lot of the year, or for use in sub zero temperatures, having a liquid fuel is essential. This means that the motorist can rely on their fuel, and the fuel company can offer fuel, no matter how cold the weather is.

9. As fuel quality varies in different countries, the performance and protection offered by the fuel will vary too. Some engines will benefit from using diesel additives so that the performance of the engine is not affected by using different fuels.

10. As the engine is more efficient, it is cheaper to run, as it gets more miles to the gallon. This can have huge implications for delivery firms, haulage firms or bus companies, and other businesses that spend a lot of money on fuel. A 5-10% saving per vehicle will soon add up.

Diesel additives help to improve the life of the engine, improve the performance, and improve the fuel economy. For the individual motorist, it makes sense to use diesel additives. For those who run fleets of vehicles, diesel additives should be almost as essential as the diesel itself.