Why Use Murphy Wall Beds


Most people living in the cities are facing space constraints in their houses. Whether singles or couples with children, all require such kind of furniture that is practical, functional and utilizes minimum space. Furniture companies have realized this need and are continuously innovating to make such furniture that solves the space issues for small homes. Wall beds are an ideal choice in this regard. They come in a variety of styles, designs, sizes and types. The greatest benefit of wall beds is that once folded up, they give you ample space to carry out other activities such as have the room converted to a living room or study area.

Wall beds are very useful in small apartments particularly studio apartments. These beds can be folded in after a good night’s sleep, and the small room can then be used as a living area or a work space. If you have a small apartment or house, wall beds can be installed in the living room or study area so that a quick conversion can take place if you have guests over.

Practicality and ease of use is not the only reason why wall beds are in high demand. They are also very comfortable and good for people with back problems. They are now being designed so beautifully that they actually add style to your home. They are available in all sizes such as single, double, queen or king. Wall beds have a variety of designs that serve dual purpose of converting into a shelf, work table or any other useful thing. When folded in to a beautiful cabinet, one can hardly tell it is actually a wall bed. When stored, the wall bed only takes one-third of its size. They can be rolled out sideways or length wise.

Wall beds are very useful in every child’s room as they require lots of playtime space when they are not sleeping. These are also ideal for a teenager’s room as they want more privacy for their activities and like to be confined in their rooms most of the time rather than sitting in the living room with their family.

Patented in the 1900s by William L. Murphy wall beds have been popularly known as Murphy wall beds. These types of furniture have been in high demand over the years for their known practicality, utility, functionality, convenience and style. They are fun, interesting and carry style that can be suited to any type of home.