Why Use Google AdWords?


Why use Google AdWords? Good question indeed. After all if you are spending money on something you would like to know whether it will be beneficial to you or not, right? Advertising is so costly. Why should you go for that without knowing its benefits? But wait, you do not have to pay for Google AdWords; not unless someone shows an actual interest in your ad and clicks on it.

When anyone searches for something on the Google search engine, certain ads which are related to those keywords appear on the right hand side of the search page beside the usual search results. Those are Google AdWords – advertisements by companies who specialize in areas related to those keywords.

Keywords are the key phrase here. You should create the ads containing words which catch the essence of your product. These words would also be the words which anyone looking for your product would think of when they search. For example if you have to sell PCMCIA cards, you will mention that in your ad. Easy enough, isn’t it?

What are the benefits of using Google AdWords?

You Don’t Have to Pay. Unless some one clicks on the link you provide on the ad. The pay is on a pay per click basis. Since only people interested in your product will click on it, you do have a good chance of them buying it from you.

This means you will be paying only when the ads benefit you and you earn. You Don’t Need A Web Page. Google will allow you to create one for free. So even if you don’t have your own web page, that won’t be a problem. You can still sell your products or service through Google AdWords.

Your Ad Is Not Wasted. The ads will appear only when someone searches for a keyword, which is related to your product. Hence, you attract only those folks who are already interested in your product. Unlike television, radio, and even some other online advertisements, the Google AdWords target your direct audience.

Google’s Popularity. This is probably what should close the deal for you. For, everyone knows Google’s popularity. While in US, Google has a market share of 7.07 per cent; the Google.co.uk has a popularity of 9.34 per cent. These do not include people using Google tool bar and similar tools of Google.

Google is popular in other countries as well. Hence your ad will have a wide audience if you use Google AdWords. Google Tools. Google has tools, which you can make of to find out details such as the popularity of your keywords, number of searches, amount of competition etc.

So, why would you not use Google AdWords?