Why Small Businesses Should Blog

Why Small Businesses Should Blog

http://mymissassist.com Missy Tincher from My Miss Assist explains how important blogging is to Small Business Owners along with some blogging statistics.

Recently, I have heard many small business owners say they do not understand why they should write blog posts. This surprises me as blogging is one of the best and easiest ways to market their business if they have an online presence (which all small business should).

A few of the reasons for that are:

-It helps build trust with your audience as writing quality blog posts shows your expertise in your field.

-It helps attract visitors to your website.

-It helps with SEO because each blog post is considered a website “page,” so it is indexed more by the search engines.

-It’s inexpensive as it only takes time to publish blog posts and there are many free ways to do content marketing.

You can see entire article with infographic for this video at http://mymissassist.com/small-businesses-start-blogging/