Why it is a Good Idea to Upgrade to the New QuietPoint Audio-Technica Headphones

Audio-Technica, makers of what have come to be regarded as premium headphones have quite recently announced the launch of their next generation QuietPoint headphones, dubbed the new headphones. Generally speaking the new ATH-ANC7B Quiet-Point headphones are an ‘advancement’ on the previous versions of QuietPoint headphones. Of course, if you had invested in the previous version of Audio-Technica headphones, and they are serving you just right, you might find yourself asking whether it makes sense to upgrade to the new version, just because ‘it is available.’

The hesitation about upgrading to new version of headphones is quite understandable. Many people are after all increasingly wary about upgrading to new versions of gadgets and software, just because of the new version technologies’ availability. As anyone who has been watching the happenings in the technology market will aver, people are getting ever more pragmatic in their shopping for technical gadgets, and as such are expressing hesitation about getting hooked up with new versions of gadgets for the sake of it, while the versions they have seem to be serving them just as well.

Nonetheless, making an upgrade from first generation Audio-Technica headphones to the new generation ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint headphones makes for a good idea you should really consider for a number of reasons – and is therefore something you should consider; especially if the listening experience your headphones give you is something you are really keen about.

For one, the new ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint Audio-Technica headphones come with enhanced noise canceling properties. The noise-canceling feature in question here is the one that keeps out the external noises, also called background sounds, so as to enhance your listening experience. It is not a new feature in Audio-Technica headphones. Indeed, even the very first generation Audio-Technica headphones came with some noise-canceling capabilities, and it is probably from that very feature that the name QuietPoint was coined. What happens in the new headphones, though, is that the sound canceling capabilities are enhanced, so that the headphones are coming with the capability to cancel up to 85% of all external sounds. Incidentally, 85% percent noise-canceling capabilities is for many of us the highest desirable level of background noise blocking, because anything above 85% in this respect would mean being absolutely disconnected from the world around. So we can say that in ATH-ANC7B, Audio-Technica has reached the ultimate point as far as noise canceling goes.

The second reason why making the upgrade from first generation Audio-Technica headphones to the new ATH-ANC7B Quiet Point headphones lies in the fact that the new headphones come with enhanced sound production capabilities – manifest through what is arguably the best sound quality production in headphones market at the moment. The features we are talking about here, with respect to sound quality, include things like enhanced sound clarity and wide audio range support, not losing sight of other important elements like high sound resolution(also manifest through clarity), and bass quality; all being features that are highly enhanced in the new ATH-ANC7B headphones.

Uhuru-Raila meeting : ANC leaders Musalia Mudavadi states he was not consulted

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has dismissed the pact between president Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga as a mere public relations exercise meant to hoodwink the visiting US secretary of state Rex Tillerson.
Mudavadi warned that Raila’s move could affect confidence building in the opposition coalition because he made the decision without consulting the three NASA co-principals insisting they were kept in the dark on the latest development.