Why is Netflix Anti-social??


I will first make the confession that I am a movie-a-holic and should be in some sort of rehab in regards to the amount of movies I have watched in my lifetime and the amount of money I have spent on movies during the same time. I have been this way all through my childhood, college years, and now presently. The addiction has not ceased one bit! It runs as rampid as it always has. With that being said, when the inception of Netflix came to the forefront, I jumped on board. There is no doubt in my mind, I was one of their first 1000 subscribers and have continued to stay loyal to that brand continuously ever since. So why is a company who continues to innovate new, more convenient ways for us to be able to get ahold of movies, remaining anti-social in regards to social media??

To beat a point even more, I love the movies I watch and would love to talk about them. So allowing me the opportunity to post directly to myΒ Twitter orΒ Facebook when I receive the magical “your next movie has been shipped” or “new movies available for instant viewing” notifications, would be amazing!! It would allow me the opportunity to interact with my friends and colleagues who might have seen the movie and discuss plotlines, characters, etc. This adds to the social aspect of it and creates a conversation piece. Which in turn…… would generate more buzz and most likely more customers. If John Smith sees I posted a movie that i just watched and he realizes he wants to watch that movie based on my conversations with others, he would be more inclined to join Netflix so he would be able to watch that movie and similar options as well. Various ‘cult classics’ could become viral among users who have watched the movie countless times and this only strengthens Netflix’s brand.

As it pertains to the instant movies, as soon as you are finished a movie and you are presented with the screen asking you what you want to do next, having the option to post my comment via Facebook or Twitter would be ideal since it generates the possibility of creating conversation.

Social marketing is about conversation and Netflix is missing a big opportunity to connect to those conversations and strengthen their brand as a result. Netflix….. if you are listening and you should be…. your plan is already devised in my head….