Why Internet Marketers Should Never Do Mass Mailings as Part of their Email Marketing


What if you could drop a marketing email into 100,000 email boxes in one day? What if you can have 100,000 potential new customers upon seeing your marketing message and they can become long term customers of your internet business?

That sounds pretty enticing, doesn’t it?  That is the basic marketing strategy that many internet marketers try to use to build their online business.  This is a methodology commonly called “Mass Mailings”.  That is the polite word for this technique.  The less complimentary term that email recipients use for mass marketing emails is simply spam.

Mass mailing marketing has been big business on the internet.  And it is unfair to say that it has been used exclusively by scam artists or pyramid scheme operators. Companies who offer these services claim that they have harvested tens of thousands of valid email addresses. They can then send marketing messages of their clients to the emails for a small fee.

Compared to the amount of emails that will go out, the fee seems fair.  The marketing formula for success is also a reasonable one.  Usually the fee for the mailing can be offset by a small number of sales, perhaps less than ten. With 100,000 emails going out, the company might get at least 100 responses out of 1000 inquiries and eventually at least 10 sales from it.

The problem is that for every 1000 customers who may have an interest in your product or service, you will have antagonised 99,000 others who see your email as nothing more than electronic junk mail otherwise known as spam.  The spam epidemic has reached a level of crisis precisely because mass mailing services and software have made it possible for good business, scam artists and even virus producers to spread their bad emails to a vast audience.

The result is that an entire cottage industry has sprung up to fight the spam epidemic.  These companies sell software programmed to fight spam emails. These software keep up with the latest spamming methods, catch bad emails and send them to the deleted box or spam folder for future deletion.

It has become a huge mess and the worst part about it is that the legitimate internet marketer gets caught between the crossfire. Legitimate internet marketers deem mass mailing as a reliable method to communicate with new and existing customers. But when you decide to try your hand at mass emailing, you get in the middle of the spam war and you are then faced with dealing with sophisticated email delivery hindrance systems which fight off spam.

So how can you build your online businesses despite serious disruptions to email deliverability?  For one thing, abandon the use of mass mailings entirely.  They don’t work and they put you in the distasteful company of spammers and internet criminals.

There are far better ways to communicate with customers such as web site memberships, newsletters and contests that the customer can opt in on.  Build your relationships with the customers and you will be able to avoid the entire spam wars and side step the email deliverability issues as well.