Why are Romance Novels So Popular?


Our days of romance started as a child when we listened to fairy tales and fables. The good old romance love stories that open with “Once upon a time” and finish with a “Happily ever after” remain etched in our minds forever. Even as a teenager, we would’ve loved romance novels! There is nothing like discussing your favorite character with your best friend and blushing secretly!

Even now as a grown up, there are days when we would feel the desperate need to stay away from action-packed adventure books. Romance novels with their sweet and light plotlines have always had a more compelling and eternal impact on us, especially during the teen years.

Romance novels take us through a range of emotions. Our first experience of being in love is consumed with a million new feelings – both happiness and sorrow. In books, some like pure fantasy; others seem to find solace in romantic novels with a tragic end. Classics like Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice take you through a few generations of characters. Some of them you absolutely adore and some you abhor!

You can choose to agree or disagree, but the fact remains that most romance love stories are all about female power. The stories revolve around the life of a strong female character that you invariably relate to. Why else do you think a fantasy novel like Twilight by Stephenie Meyer has succeeded in winning a zillion fans in this cyber age? Probably since every girl would love to have a boyfriend who has waited a hundred years for her (Even if he’s a vampire).

So, do most people even realize the time when they enter the world of grown-up romance novels? No, not at all, the transition has been smooth for avid romance readers because romance runs through our blood and bones. You may like them or hate them, but you can never ignore them! If you’re looking for a place to pick romance ebooks, visit Diesel-ebooks. You’ll be amazed at their collection of love stories that spans across various romance genres.