Where East meets West-Wei East



Wei East offers a large variety of products for all types of skin. East meets West: when centuries-old Chinese herbal formulas combine with advanced American cosmetic techniques for younger-looking skin. Take a natural approach to beauty with pampering formulas that are a pleasure to put on. Chinese plants and roots such as ginseng and ginkgo seed are harvested at carefully selected stages to obtain the highest quality.

Lotus Seed Collagen



The one of a kind protein from lotus seeds.


Smoothness and Firmness to Your Eye Area

Finally, with cutting edge technology and extensive research, we are able to extract the best from Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet, the one-of-a-kind protein from Lotus seed, that truly brings the smoothness and firmness back to your eye area! Your wrinkles will be relieved.


White Lotus



Intense hydration from water loving White Lotus

Diminish the Signs of Aging


For thousands of years, Chinese women have relied on the moisturizing qualities of the rare, water-loving white lotus from China’s remote Lake District. Rich in nutrients drawn from the black mud where it grows, the hand-harvested white lotus not only helps add and retain moisture, but actually pulls water from the air to continually replenish skin. Wei East’s luxurious, deeply hydrating White Lotus products soak your complexion in delicious moisture, for a lovely, healthy glow. Feel the luxury.


China Herbal



Prevent the Signs of Aging with 72 Herbs

The Secret to Ageless Beauty

Here is the secret to the ageless beauty of Chinese women: herbal solutions that nourish and support skin, delaying or even reversing the signs of age while brightening and smoothing the complexion. Dozens of hand-selected, gently powerful herbs are combined in formulas perfected over centuries to help oily, or combination skin achieve its own energetic balance. Leaves skin feeling lush, soft and supple. Healthy, balancing.


Firm, tighten and tone your skin with the inner lining of Chestnut.

Immediate Results, Long-term Benefit


Reverse age-related drooping and sagging with the gravity-defying power of Chestnut. Based on a closely-guarded secret handed down from mother to daughter for generations in China’s Shen Nong region, Wei East’s Chestnut line firms and lifts skin with astonishing results. Balances the firming power of the innermost lining of the chestnut with soothing regional wild honey and herbs to help restore a glowing, youthful resiliency. Lifts, firms, recontours.



Golden Root

Reduce all visible signs of aging with Golden Root

Renew Your Beauty


Growing high in the pure mountain air, in some of the harshest conditions on Mother Earth, grows a vibrant, red flowering herb known as Golden Root. Prized for its reputation of providing age-defying beauty benefits, for centuries royal herbalists relied on Golden Root to help renew and maintain the beauty of their empresses. Now, Wei East brings the power of Golden Root to refresh your complexion and reveal natural radiance. Renewing, restoring.


Fade away uneven skin color with Rice Milk

Glow with the radiance of Mother Nature

Nutrient-laden rice milk has been Chinese women’s secret to bright, even-toned skin for centuries. The first milk of freshly cooked brown rice, infused with a secret herbal blend, has helped generations of mothers and daughters add luster, gain an even, smooth complexion, erase spots and blotches. Wei East marries the ancient recipes with advanced western beauty technology to deliver these luminous benefits to you.




Correct lifeless skin, regenerate to pearl perfect.

Pearl Perfect Skin


From deep within the South China Sea, pearls form their lustrous covering from a protein called Nacre. This substance enables oysters to repair themselves in response to environmental aggressors and in turn create one of nature’s most miraculous and precious gems. Now, bring the flawless, glowing luminosity of this exquisite jewel to your skin. It is said that pearls become more beautiful with age. Now you can too.