Where Can You Get Inspiration For Your Custom Letterheads?

.tags I know that sometimes those letterhead printing templates are not enough to really satisfy your need for a great original design. Moreover, with all the new letterhead designs being thrown out each day, it is hard to really make letterheads look as unique and original as possible. That is why a lot of people are running out of inspiration with their color letterheads and are just bowing to the inevitable time when they will just use canned designs just like the others do.
What if I tell you however that you can still get a few great inspirational ideas for your letterheads by using other design sources? In this special guide to letterhead printing, we shall discuss other places where you can get new ideas for your color letterheads. Let me list down for you five of the best inspirational sources that you should try out first.

Website header or banner The Internet is basically the newest inspirational design source out there for prints today. For letterheads, the design elements that you should look at are website headers or banners. Typically the website header or banner is just like a custom letterhead in most respects. It has the company logo, slogan, contact information and a myriad of other important elements which are usually found on letterheads to.

The real difference would be that most website banners today have very modern, fresh looking and creative formats that are not typically found on custom letterheads. You can easily apply some of these new design techniques into your own color letterheads to get a more modern looking and fresh start to your letterhead print. So open up your mind and see what the different websites on the Internet can tell you about your letterhead printing.

Product labels Product labels are also an interesting source of inspiration for letterhead design. If you study how product labels work, they basically should interest readers into buying the product because of the design and content of the label. You can apply their design concepts for your own letterhead printing because that is also basically what you want to do with them. Letterheads are basically labels for your letters, and you will want people to be attracted to and encouraged by them. So try to study the different images, text styles and colors in product labels. Apply them to your letterheads to make them effective for your target market.

Contemporary physical art Of course, you should not forget to look at REAL art for a change when developing letterhead designs. If you just go to an art museum from time to time, you will see the changing styles, textures and themes of current contemporary artists. From paintings to sculptures, you can get plenty of new styling and texture ideas that will make your color letterheads really creative and noticeable. Moreover, this would be fresh ideas that are not yet in print. So try to always see the newest art styles on display.

Natural art Finally, never forget that mother nature is a great inspiration and teacher about what is beautiful. From sunsets to thunderstorms, from trees to snowflakes, there are plenty of very interesting natural styles that are beautiful to adapt for letterheads. The natural ratios of beauty and symmetry are all there for you to see. You just need to open your eyes and let nature inspire you to develop your letterheads.

So those are the primary inspirational sources that you should try to tap first in designing your letterheads. If you try to do all these, you should have tons of new ideas for custom letterhead printing.