When You Want To Run A Successful Business You Must Know How To Communicate

.tags One of the greatest skills any manager can have is the ability to communicate. If you can not communicate with your workers or your contemporaries, then you will not be able to get across your ideas and vision for what you are trying to do.

Having good communication skills enables your team to perform more effectively since there is less confusion about what’s going on. Less confusion means less questions and less having to explain your thoughts repeatedly. With less wasted talking and less re-explaining, more work can be done and the more productive your staff is.

Poor communication leads to a lot of waste including labor and material. If you cant communicate how you need something to be performed, chances are it will not be done correctly. This leads to wasted effort and time put into making a product the incorrect way. Not only do you have the investment tied into the labor that produced the wrong part, the material utilized to make the part is also wasted. When you waste material, it is bad enough and it sums up to a lot of wasted income, however wasted labor is the most expensive part of the process.

Not only do you have to pay somebody to construct the part, you have to pay someone to show them how to do it again and then pay them to produce the part that was done wrong the first time. You can see how these types of mistakes can cause a snow ball effect and just keep compounding on each other. Once you have wasted your time and effort on the project twice, you have fundamentally lost any money that you might have made. With the profit lost, you really have wasted your time and the time of every worker that worked on the project. The money lost could have gone to something much more useful and worthwhile such as capital investments on a new machine or even hiring a new worker.

The point is, that once the money is wasted, then it stays wasted and actually effects much more than the initial project or part. Communication plays a large part of the process because when you can communicate well, your productivity increases and you and your team are more efficient in everything you do. When your communication skills are well honed as a manager, it also shows your team how to do it.