When Families Get Together


When family gets together, after you have all grown into adulthood, you may find some issues that take attention to resolve in order for occasions to be enjoyable for the entire family. Many issues you will find, simply fall by the wayside, as we get older and realize that much of what we viewed as problems, as children, were the result of viewing things through immature grids.

Some things, however, do take conversations to set things aright, these times of clarity happen in all families, it is not a sign of dysfunctional behavior, merely a mature way of dealing with the issues that stop us from receiving the full joy of family relationships.

How we approach most of these issues, will help determine the outcome of the efforts we put forth to settle matters or clear them up. Always approach any issue of discord, with the greatest of caution, remembering that your hope is to resolve past offenses, not create new ones.

Many times a person will start conversations to settle a matter, at an improper time, or without consideration for the setting in which they find themselves, complicating the resolution.

When you decide that you absolutely need to address an issue, make certain you have considered letting it pass, by just your own understanding, or reevaluation of the incident, if you find, after much thought, contemplation and meditation, that you do need to address it, go into it very meditatively. When we take time to meditate on an issue, we will find ourselves arriving at crossroads that can bring peace even in the most difficult of confrontations.

When children grow up in families with siblings, ofttimes the child will believe that one or another was the favorite, only to find, as in the case of my own childhood, that my siblings felt that I was a favorite of our parents.

There are no perfect parents, however as we become parents ourselves, we find that we gain much in comprehension of how we want our children to allow for our shortcomings!

Use much consideration, before attempting to deal with any matter that demands your attention to settle old issues or dealings, in this way, with Wisdom as your guide, you will be open to how you should approach the healing process.

When families get together as adults having grown up in the same household, the mere relationship will often be enough to overcome most issues, without ever having to debate the wrongs that each sibling perceived!

Let the fun begin, let the family enjoy the time they have on this earth, by being more expansive in their understanding and love for one another, forgive as you would have others forgive you!