What’s On My iPad? + Best Apps For Bloggers

What’s On My iPad? + Best Apps For Bloggers

Hey Y’all! I’m excited to show you what I have on my iPad, my favorite apps, and different tools that I fell in love with for blogging and website editing/ details!
Comment down below if you have a favorite app on your iPad or iPhone that you can’t live without!!👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Featured Apps:
1. Grid Diary
2. WordPress App
3. Apple Pages
4. MailChimp (For Bloggers)
5. Evernote
6. Bloglovin’
7. Trello (Note taking App of choice)
8. 30/30
9. VSCO Cam (Photo editor App of choice)
10. Mint Finance (Budget App of choice)

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