WHAT’S IN MY CAMERA BAG? Travel Photography / Filmmaking

WHAT’S IN MY CAMERA BAG? Travel Photography / Filmmaking

What’s in my camera bag as a travel photographer and filmmaker. Check out all the camera equipment, accessories and technology I use for my Canon 7D Mark II, Sony A7R II and GoPro Hero4 whilst travelling around the world. Links to all the items are listed below!
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Hey look, a camera bag video without hay fever and red eyes!

For transparency, some of the following links are affiliate links, which supports the work I put into making these videos 🙂

(links will open in a new tab to Amazon and other destinations)



Manfrotto 3N1-35 Pro Light
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/pl3n1
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-pl3n1


Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Amazon – http://allam.co/7dii

Sony A7R II
Amazon – http://allam.co/a7rii

Canon G7 X
Amazon – http://allam.co/canon-g7x

GoPro Hero4 Silver
Amazon – http://allam.co/hero4silver

FujiFilm Instax 210
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/z9uze
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-instax-210


Canon EF 16-35 f/4L IS
Amazon – http://allam.co/16-35

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L
Amazon – http://allam.co/24-70

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM
Amazon – http://allam.co/70-200

Canon 40 f/2.8
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/ptx3z
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-40

Metabones EF to E-mount Adapter
Amazon – http://allam.co/metabones


Manfrotto BeFree Carbon Fibre Tripod
Amazon – http://allam.co/befree-cf

Joby GorillaPod Focus + Ballhead X
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/gorillapod-focus
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-gorillapod
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-ballhead-x

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/4m1t0
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-pixi

Manfrotto Pocket Support
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/pocket
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-pocket

Sandisk Memory Card – http://allam.co/p44kd
Lexar Memory Card – http://allam.co/lexar-128gb
MicroSD Memory Card – http://allam.co/c1p3e


Canon LP-E6N
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/pg47i
Amazon US – http://allam.co/ab149

Sony NP-FW50
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/zipj6
Amazon US – http://allam.co/e64tm

GoPro Hero4 Batteries
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/51p-r
Amazon US – http://allam.co/izq4o

Techlink ReCharge 1200mAh Portable Battery
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/2lis5
Amazon US – http://allam.co/brdre

AA Batteries
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/9uwba
Amazon US – http://allam.co/wq7y-


Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/capture-pro
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-capture-pro

Triggertrap Mobile
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/triggertrap
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-triggertrap

Tiffen Variable ND Filter
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/tiffen-nd
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-tiffen-nd

Hoya Circular Polarising Filter
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/hoya-pro1
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-hoya-pro1

BlackRapid Yeti Dual Camera Strap
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/blackrapid
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-blackrapid

Atomos Ninja Assassin
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/assassin
Amazon US – http://allam.co/us-assassin

Røde VideoMic Pro
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/1c0ml
Amazon US – http://allam.co/stnxs

Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4 Digit Cable Lock
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/510-4
Amazon US – http://allam.co/fopoq

Tinksky Flexible Luggage Padlock
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/l77q8
Amazon US – http://allam.co/jvx-8

Mini MagLite LED
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/44pk1
Amazon US – http://allam.co/jbiz3

Micromuff Skinny Wind Muffler
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/micromuff-skinny
Amazon US – http://allam.co/qe0la

Loom Bands
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/rtm51
Amazon US – http://allam.co/y2noq

White Card and Grey Card
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/njmth
Amazon US – http://allam.co/nixhv

Windshield Suction Cup GoPro Mount
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/xowyj
Amazon US – http://allam.co/fnda4

MacBook Pro 2.8ghz i7, 16gb memory
UK – http://allam.co/5zbq7
US – http://allam.co/5nl-r

Dbrand MacBook Sticker
US – http://allam.co/dbrand-mb

Floating Hand Grip
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/iy1-v
Amazon US – http://allam.co/9f4ck

Gaffer Tape
Amazon UK – http://allam.co/cwqhn
Amazon US – http://allam.co/sv3s2