What You Should Expect From Your It Recruitment Agency

{flickr|100|campaign} If you employ the services of an IT recruitment agency to handle your recruitment needs, it is important that you feel comfortable your business is getting the treatment it deserves.

Below are 3 key things that you should expect from your IT recruitment agency. If your agency is failing to do most of these, then it could be worth looking to place your business elsewhere.

1.) An honest and open approach. If you have an IT requirement that your recruitment consultancy knows they will struggle to fill, they should not wait to tell you this. If the recruitment process is going to be a long one, they should let you know immediately, or else you risk wasting time and losing money by failing to fill the vacancy. A good agency will let you know of their limitations, and have the nous to realise that they will have a stronger relationship with you because of their honesty.

2.) Expert knowledge. The best agencies will usually ensure that their staff members operate within particular areas of expertise. This enables them to grasp new roles more quickly and ensure that they are comfortable speaking to and vetting candidates. Certainly it helps if those consultants have specific qualifications to back up their knowledge. For example, a good IT recruitment consultant may hold a degree in computing. Not only is their specific knowledge a major plus, but they are more likely to have a wider range of contacts to call on.

3.) An appreciation of long term suitability. Your IT recruitment agency should consider both the immediate and long term implications when assessing candidates for your positions. It is not good enough for an agency to send across candidates who they know may look to move on after a year has passed. The consultant whos dealing needs to spend a significant amount of time speaking with candidates to evaluate where they want to be, and if this matches up with the company they are hiring for.