What You Need to Know About Wedding Programs


Weddings are such monumental traditions that for most people, a wedding would not be complete without making sure that all the prescribed materials and facets are prepared and executed on the big day. Aside from the ceremony symbols, the gown, and other things, one of the most important things that a marrying couple can prepare on their big day are their wedding programs. More than being a reservation document for the guests during the reception, if it is created meticulously, it can be an integral factor in assuring the smooth and peaceful flow of the entire wedding ceremony.

Wedding programs usually contain a run down of the events that will take place for the whole day, from the ceremony to the taking of the vows to the reception. It usually also includes the name of the couple (as presented by their parents), a list of the sponsors and people who will take part in the various stages of the ceremony, a list of the venues, and descriptions for each part as necessary. A nice addition to the program could be instructions and directions on how to reach the reception area, as well as the accommodations if the wedding is going to be held out of town.

The design of the program that will be distributed at the wedding usually matches the theme of the ceremony, or the preferences of the couple. Modern programs go beyond the traditional lace, ribbon, and parchment paper types of designs. Beautiful examples of programs used at weddings today make use of alternative materials aside from paper, feature avant garde graphic designs, and even pictures. They also do not have to come in a fold out square shape anymore. Very ingenious programs can come in a fold out poster type, or in a rolled up tube, or even in a paper box. Young couples can use their programs to showcase their creativity and life sensibility, and go beyond tying several sheets of paper together.