What You Can Learn From Yahoo Using Adwords


Google AdWords is a marketing channel that even other search engine providers use to increase consumers of their own products. However, sometimes even the big search engines could use a review of their campaigns and ads to sharpen up their results. Below is an observation of a Yahoo ad and how they could structure it differently to really find out what attracts potential customers.

The Questions:

Why will Yahoo’s mistake save you money?
What is their mistake?
Why should I care?


The Answers:

1. You will not make the same mistake as Yahoo so it will save you finding out the hard way, therefore saving you $ $ $ .

2. Look at the content of the ad:

Get $ 50 Off Assisted Campaign Set Up or $ 50 Worth Of Free* Advertising!

Let’s break this down. Yahoo is offering you two alternatives in the one ad. If you have undertaken any market research, namely surveys (it was a previous obsession), you will probably recognise this as a double barreled question/statement – this is where the problem lies!

What is pushing the consumer’s buttons to click this ad?

Is it the “Get $ 50 Off Assisted Campaign Set Up” or is it “$ 50 Worth Of Free* Advertising!”??

Exactly, you can not tell! The people running this campaign for Yahoo can not know what is attracting clicks and appealing to consumer needs.

How you should structure your ads:

Each offer should be in its own ad and run against another one of your ads as a split test. For example, the content for each ad could be:

Ad 1 – Get $ 50 Off Assisted Campaign Set Up & Get Started The Right Way Now!

Ad 2 – $ 50 Worth Of Free* Advertising – Sign Up & Get Started Now!

If the goal is to get sign ups, then the ad with the higher conversion rate would be the winner. If the goal is to have the most cost effective lead generation, then the ad with the higher return on investment (ROI) is the winner. I’m sure you get the idea.

3. Money is why you should care. By learning from this mistake you will save yourself money and more importantly learn what attracts your target market. You can then take that data from your Google AdWords and apply it through your other marketing channels to maximise your sales and profit.