What To Remember As You Work Holiday in Japan


Searching for opportunities of working days in Japan is one of the most special methods of spending your vacation in this country. Getting your fill of local enjoyment as well as making some extra money is the best way to have fun. However, there are several things you need to consider before jumping right in.



First of all, the chance is only available to citizens of countries where the Japanese government has a mutual agreement with. These countries include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Denmark, South Korea and France. A special visa will be issued to an applicant from one of these countries.


Like any other visa though, those that are labeled as working holiday visas have certain restrictions or limitations attached to them. They are considered only as single entry documents and can only be applied for by people who have never been to the country on a previous occasion. Also, stay durations apply. Visitors usually stay around for six to twelve months. Overstaying is prohibited but there may be provisions for requesting for an extension. In this case, you simply have to check the applicable rules.


There are other limitations that you need to take note of if you plan to apply. The offer is primarily intended for individuals who are 18-30 years old. Applicants should be in good health and should already possess a passport.


Applicants for visas that allow them to take a working holiday in Japan should take note that their stay should primarily be for holiday purposes. Finding temporary employment should only be a secondary focus. This point is particularly stressed by the rules that indicate that foreign visitors should declare their intentions and plans before arrival; book a return flight home at the appointed conclusion of the visit; and present proof of having enough cash to finance the stay.


If applicants are required to primarily go on vacation and to prepare funding, what then is the main purpose of looking for a Japanese job? The real main idea behind the arrangement is to provide better chances for foreign visitors to get a deeper understanding of the country’s culture, language and tradition. There is no better way of facilitating this than with working holiday visas. Being employed means being in the perfect position to immerse oneself in the finer points of Japanese life. The benefit of earning is thus only a bonus that can supplement your finances while on vacation.


There are a variety of jobs that you can apply for. Vacationers are often welcome to apply for any job as long as it does not fall under the category of regulated work. Night club employment is an example of a regulated job.


As a tourist you aren’t required to be an expert in Japanese language and culture. Whilst at work however, some knowledge in these aspects may help you out a lot. It would therefore be a good idea to at least take note of basic points.


Looking for a unique opportunity to experience another country or culture in a unique way? A working holiday in Japan might be what you are looking for. This is simply the best way to both have fun and gain a more in depth comprehension of another way of life.