What Moving House Taught Me About Marketing


Maybe it’s less what my move taught me and more what I relearned and refreshed. I don’t know about you but with so much information coming at me every day, a lot of what I know gets pushed into the background. This move was a good reminder of some of the basic principles of planning that you can apply to any project, including your marketing.

Have a plan

Lay it all out in detail. Ask yourself “What are the steps I need to take to get from where I am to where I want to go? What are the big milestones along the way where I can stop and reward myself for having come so far?”

That’s what I did with my move. I laid out in detail, with deadlines, all the steps I had to take to orchestrate it. When I got up in the morning I knew what I needed to do that day so I didn’t waste time wondering what to do next.

It also gave me the freedom to relax when I knew I had done everything I could do for that day.

As I went through the process I checked the items off my list, one after another. Not only was the move easier but I got a sense of accomplishment every time I checked something off the list. I had a sense of moving forward towards what I wanted.

Where are you now in your marketing? What are your goals? What are the logical steps you need to take?

Follow it!

It’s tempting to do what seems most fun first, or to jump ahead to the things that are easiest. And there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re having a tough day and you need to see some small sign of success. But in the end it’s more productive in terms of time and energy to follow the steps in a logical fashion rather than jumping around.

Be prepared for glitches

Oh yes! Many years ago, when I was a project coordinator in the corporate world, one of my mentors said “Plans are made to be broken.” Well maybe – but not deliberately!

Glitches will happen that you have not planned for and that are beyond your control. But that’s no reason to fall into despair. The better prepared you are the more able you are to muster the mental and emotional energy to deal with the slips along the way, because everything else is flowing smoothly and orderly.

Enjoy the process

Sure, there’s a goal at the end of it all. And of course you need to keep focused on it. But enjoying the path to the goal makes life so much more fun!

Consistently taking the right steps in the right order at the right time will keep you on track for marketing success.