What Makes Effective Weight Loss Programs


The internet is flooded with effective weight loss programs. At least they are effective weight loss programs on paper, but once you take them out of the box will they work for you?

One of the most interesting habits of humans is the fact that they tend to view the world as if their experience is the absolute truth for everyone. So if I find effective weight loss programs that work very well for me then they must obviously be effective weight loss programs for everyone—right?. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Basics Of Effective Weight Loss


At the center of all effective weight loss programs there needs to be the help a person needs to burn more calories than they consume.  That is the basis of all weight loss, and as simple as that may sound doing it effectively can be very difficult, especially if you throw in the goal of keeping the weight off for good.

The Body Fights Fat Loss


As far as your body is concerned, the more fat it can store the better because it is still operating on the premise that famine and starvation are around the next corner.  This worked well in the days of hunters and gatherers but it isn’t so convenient in the western world where we have super markets stuffed with food.  This is why you can go on a reduced calorie diet and suddenly stop losing weight. Your body figured out that it wasn’t getting as much food and so it throttled back the metabolism to save its fat stores.

What Effective Weight Loss Programs Need


Effective weight loss programs should burn more calories than you eat – This is essential or else you won’t lose weight.  You can use a BMR calculator to calculate approximately how many  calories your body would need to remain at a stable weight.  You have to burn about 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat so once you have your BMR and know how many calories it takes to remain at a stable weight; you can see how many calories of food you need to give up in order to drop a pound. You can work this either way eat less or exercise more or both.

Effective weight loss programs should help you avoid diet plateaus – These diet plateaus are annoying and can sometime last weeks unless your diet program has a way to deal with them.  There are several ways to do it.  One way is to have a blow out day once you’re weight loss has stalled for over 3 days.  There is calorie shifting which all but eliminates diet plateaus and there are hard workouts you can do to shake your body out of a weight loss stall.

Effective weight loss programs should allow breaks in the routine –  If you are an emotional eater and most of us are to some degree, you need to have a little naughty in your diet plan. This could be as often as every other day as in the case of The Every Other Day Diet plan or just once a week as in the case of the Strip That Fat diet plan.  Trying to slog it out day after endless day on boring diet food will end up being self defeating in the end.  A healthy balanced approach where you can still have fun eating food is much better.

Find Effective Weight Loss Programs


Armed with these qualifications it is now your turn to find effective weight loss programs and put them to use.  With determination and a great plan you can set goals and achieve them.  You can learn to love food again and throw off the weight that has been burdening your life.