What Is Your Opinion on Advertisement?


Every day, it is easy to see advertisements also around us. Now, please look around. How many different advertisements you have seen?


It is common to find advertisements on TV and radio. Most advertisements are very short for people to remember. For example, NIKE, it has a simple slogan used all around the world: “Just do it!”


Advertisements appear everywhere in modern society. There are many ways to advertise and ads come in different forms. Newspapers and billboards carry advertisements; some products are announced on TV and radio which have a lot of audience. Advertising is a big industry; therefore many agencies are set up for furnishing a variety of services for it.

However, advertising is not welcome at any time. A most irritating thing is to watch advertisements before and during films on TV. There are so many advertisements on the screen that they make you forget what you are sitting there for. The ironical thing is that advertisements of one type of things are often shown one after another so that you are confused as you are not sure which item you should choose. What’s more, advertising is not always truthful. In order to gain more profits, the advertisers exaggerate the benefits of the merchandise which they want to sell. Thus the consumer becomes the victim of such advertising.

There is no doubt that the advertisement is also a double-edged sword. Although there are disadvantages of ads, we can not forget the great advantages and the conveniences they bring to us. First, it tells us where something is available; they may save us money and time. They guide us in finding suitable jobs and other information as well. Secondly, a wide range of activities and institutions receive financial support through advertising. Without this support we would have to pay much more money and time for newspapers and sports games. Thirdly, perfect advertisements even provide entertainment. A considerable amount of effort goes into their production. So in most cases the photography is truly artistic, the slogans are genuinely witty, and the situations are decidedly funny, therefore the advertisements can add much pleasure to your boring life.

Generally speaking, advertisements have become one of the most authoritative voices speaking to us today. We can make our life easier by learning to choose proper ads, and be the master of advertisements, not their salve.


I tend to be in favor of the positive effects. Undoubtedly, nothing ideas more important than living in a society, in which ordinary people can enjoy the conveniences and competitive prices brought by commercials. And I believe that the negative aspects of the advertisements can be minimized through sustainable economic growth and education. What is your opinion on advertisements?