What is The Best Network Marketing Company?


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For those who are interested in getting into business while working full time, network marketing is a safe, reliable way to do so. But with so many companies, and all of their reps saying that theirs is the best, it is hard to know which to join. After all, getting into business for oneself is a serious decision that can change everything for the better of worse.

Serious entrepreneurs should choose the right company that will give them success. That company is Amway Global. Amway Global is one of the oldest networking companies in the world, having helped produce many millionaires to include Dexter Yager, who is known in Charlotte, North Carolina for how much land he began acquiring in the 1990’s, and its second generation founder, Dick DeVos, who was the Republican candidate for governor of Michigan in 2008.

Beyond its success stories, Amway Global is the best for several other reasons. They have a large line of environmentally friendly products, such as SA-8 laundry detergent and L.O.C. all purpose cleaner. On top of this, the products work very well. The all purpose cleaner, for example, is strong enough to get rust off of metal, but gentle enough to take a bath in.

Extending the scope of the business beyond products, Amway Global is a great way to make money because 51 years of experience in an industry allows for the formation of a proper system for teamwork, team building, and network administration. Newer companies like 4Life and New Vision are limited in how many products they offer compared to Amway Global, which offers its own products as well as thousands of others.

The last thing that puts Amway Global over the top is that there is more transparency regarding income opportunities than in any other network marketing opportunity. Simple Google searches on phrases like “how much money does an Amway Platinum IBO make?” and “the Amway tool business” will lead those looking for information to very specific accounts of what is possible at Amway Global. It’s important to find a company that will be open and honest with the realistic ways of making money. Most of the network marketing companies promote their special bonuses that are designed to get people in the door. The pay structure needs to go farther than the first month. You want to find one that gives you the long term payout that will sustain a lifetime.

Because the company has a track record of good products, transparency with they’re pay plan, leadership, and length of time being around, Amway Global is the best opportunity available. That being said, I could be wrong. If you think there is a better company out there, please feel free to let me know. I’m open to the opinion of others.