What Is Sage Act?

{flickr|100|campaign} ACT is a customer relationship management software, or CRM software, developed by Sage. ACT is used to keep track of client and prospect information in a single database that can be shared and accessed by multiple users. It can be integrated with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and other office applications in order to generate and track communications with the contacts kept in ACT.

ACT traces it beginnings back at 1986, when the company Conductor Software was founded in Dallas, Texas. The product, which is ACT, was released in 1987, and it became one of the pioneers in contact management software technologies. Its original name for the software was Activity Control Technology. Then it became Automated Contract Tracking. But soon, it became known simply as ACT.

The name of the company that developed ACT was changed into Contact Software International. And at the year 2006, Sage acquired ACT software rights. And up to this date, the pioneer contact management software became known to the world as ACT.

There are three versions of ACT contact management software. With each developed for different target markets. ACT by Sage is limited to ten active users and uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. ACT by Sage Premium is designed for small- to medium-scale businesses with less than thirty users. It uses either Microsoft SQL 2005 Express or Standard editions. The SQL 2005 Standard edition can hold thirty or more users due to multi-processor and unlimited RAM support. ACT by Sage Premium for Web is developed for businesses who want to access information of their own servers over the Internet. This version supports both Microsoft SQL 2005 Express and Standard editions.

ACT CRM software features ACT contact manager , a calendar, communication tools, tracking prospective customers, dashboards for convenience, reports, data synchronization with other applications or over the Internet. The software allows multiple users to access same files at the same time, and can integrate with word processors, spreadsheets and email client software.

ACT CRM also features a variety of dashboards, which are graphical representations of main activities that allow users to find new business opportunities, and can create a wide selection of statistical reports.