What is Google AdWords All About?


Online advertising is a huge marketing arena. One of the biggest players in that market is Google. There are few people on this entire planet that would not have heard of this company or it’s number one search engine. In fact, Google gets over 293.8 million, yes million, searches per day on its search engine according to ComScore as of March 2009. And that number hasn’t dropped. For Google, one of its biggest money making arenas is advertising on those search results. And their product is called Google AdWords.

While not the first company to invent pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising, Google has certainly been the one to create the most money with the system. As of the end of 2009, Google has earned over 23 billion for the year from PPC AdWords earnings.

Advertisers, websites, and business owners can all use Google’s AdWords as a mean of targeting and reaching a specific segment of the searchers that use Google every day to find some specific item, product or concept. So when a searcher looking for “green, glitter hairbrushes” types that into the Google search box, not only do online results show up but AdWords ads are there on the top and right side of the listing page.

If you were interested in advertising a product, service or website on Google AdWords using their PPC network, it is not that difficult to begin. Simply go to Google and sign up for an AdWords account. Once the account is approved you are ready to begin. But before you BEGIN, and yes, that is in caps for a reason, learn how to do this before wasting hundreds of dollars if not more. Google’s AdWords has lots of documentation on how best to use their system and what seems to work best. Make sure to go through that before you spend a dime.

The basics of a Google AdWords ad have three lines and a URL link to create incredible, traffic driving copy. The title line is first and that can be up to 25 characters max. The following two lines are your copy and can only be 35 characters each. And the final line is the display URL that then leads the visitor to the site.

You can choose to have your ads show on three different ways. It can show on Google’s PPC content network, search results and the search network, which is when other sites have search results showing on their sites. The basic concepts of Google AdWords and a PPC network is not that complicated. Where it becomes a bit more complicated with Google AdWords s when you are trying to realize a positive return on your investment.