What Is Email Marketing? Email Marketing For Beginners So You CAN Understand The Process Part 7-7


What is Email Marketing?(EM) I would love to get a dollar for every time I get this question.I think this tops all questions related to internet marketing.Now for that reason I will explain to you in simple terms what EM is, and why you NEED it.

Just before we move on, this article is part 7-7  the last article of the internet marketing training course. if you have missed any of the  other  13 articles you will find directions at the bottom of this articles .

I want to tell you something just before I answer the question about EM,when I first starting out learning internet marketing I just did not get understand what  building a list was.

I typed, what is Email Marketing in every search engine available and got nothing but, Guru explanation  of which made no sense to me, I just could not get my head around the whole thing. So I gave up looking for answers and did not worry about learning it.

I was totally unaware that email marketing can make or break a business, so I was in all sorts of trouble.For that reason this article will be simplified so you CAN understand it.

What is Email Marketing? EM is  using an email to advertise your  business, you can send out marketing promotions, news letters and other training materials.

Basically send your visitors anything that is interesting and of some value to them. Why? Because this will hopefully make you money if it is set up properly.

What is Email Marketing-what are the Advantages of EM?

Having people on a mailing list means that you can continuously send out promotional information time after time after time. EM is definitely the best and the cheapest way to advertise.

EM builds up a relationship between you and your visitor.This is good thing because they will end up trusting you, and start to believe you when you suggest new thing to them to them. Email marketing  runs on auto pilot once it is initialy set up.

So are you ready to learn more about EM and find out how to set it up properly?