What Is Email Marketing And How Do You Build An Opt-in List

.tags Email marketing, also known as opt-in marketing, is probably the most stable and long-term revenue generating technique there is on the Internet. Email marketing is the collection of an email address, name and sometimes phone number, country, etc., in exchange for something of value. For example, someone may be willing to give you their email address and name in exchange for a course on “making money online” or to sign-up for a newsletter with the hottest tips, or for an eBook.. This could be anything really!

Now a days we are inundated with marketing messages from TV commercials, to radio stations, to newspapers, magazines, billboards and the list keeps going on and on. All of these work off of pure interruption.

Large companies can afford this method of marketing and can connect with millions of people with their huge budgets. However, it is hard for these companies to measure the true success of each campaign and they have only a single opportunity to make their impression felt!

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, email marketing gives you the ability to invest once to get the clients contact information, then gives you the ability to connect with this person again, and again, and again….potentially for a lifetime if you give them value. Instead of paying for an ad over and over again, you only have to get the initial subscription and then you can contact the person for FREE, whenever you have something of value to offer!

You likely subscribe to many email marketing campaigns and I highly recommend that you start your own email campaign for your own online business. Building an opt-in list for email marketing is the most powerful income generating tool you can create. It seems that recently that this very effective way of creating income has been forgotten by many marketers. Opt-in lists for Email list marketing can be your road to financial freedom, but you need to start building a responsive, targeted email list right now.