What Is A Blog And How Does It Work – Simple, Free Training

What Is A Blog And How Does It Work – Simple, Free Training

What Is A Blog And How Does It Work – http://PipelineMoney.com

Hey there my friend! This is Paul Hutchings with PipelineMoney.com. This video is all about what is a blog and how does it work. I don’t know how you got here but I do know that you want to learn how does a blog make money and you want to know what is a blog and how does it work.

I created a blog post that would best explain what is a blog and how does it work. The headline is ‘Mickey Quits Disney & Builds a Massive Stream of Pipeline Money Almost Overnight’.


Paul Hutchings reporting for PMNN (pipeline money news network) brings you the shocking details in this ground breaking interview to explain how do blogs work.

Reporter: Mickey, this comes as such a shock to the world.
People are dying to know, first, why did you quit your job at Disney?
Mickey: Well, it all started many years ago.
I was skiing with Minnie & Goofy one day and my cell phone rang.
There was this guy named Aaron, on the other end of the line, ranting & raving about pipeline money.
He said he’d gotten my number from the bottom of a Mickey Mouse phone he was calling leads with.
After my initial shock & wonder that he was calling leads, let along doing it from a Mouse phone,
I decide to stop & pay attention, to what he was saying.
Everything he said sounded so appealing, I finally asked him, ‘how much money you making?‘.
Strangely, he dropped the F bomb and hung up on me.
From that day forward, all I could think about every day as I plugged in my 40 hours, smiling & taking my picture with the kids,
…was this concept of ‘making money doing nothing‘.
Reporter: So Mr. Mouse, if I’m understanding you correctly, you wanna make money doing nothing, is that right?
Is that why you quit your job at the big D?
Mickey: Well yeah man, I mean after decades of earning ‘Micky mouse commissions‘ you get a little sick & tired.
A mouse has dreams, aspirations, things he wants to do in this world other than work for a measly check that barely pays the bills.
You know what I mean?
Reporter: Do I ever!
So the next thing people wanna know, Mickey, is, how in the world did you sponsor so many people and build such a massive stream of Pipeline Money so fast?

Here’s where we explain what is a blog and how does it work.

Times and Topics:

0:08 – What is a blog and how does it work?
0:58 – How do blogs work – this post should explain it well.
5:31 – How does a blog make money – it’s like an amusement park
6:32 – How do you get started?
6:41 – Kalatu blogging platform
8:09 – My recommendation
9:20 – How it looks like

Watch the review here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJGT1O838nc

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