What if there is only one open door before you?

What if there is only one open door before you?

What if the only door that’s opened to you is so extreme and you hesitate stepping through the door…but there is no other direction to go, would you walk through it and hope that YHWH has a plan?

If He is not there, directing our steps, then we have a steep fall ahead of us.

But if He is there, He doesn’t tell us what’s going to happen next. So, one chapter at a time, we wait to see what unfolds.

It’s September 1, 2017 and we are in over our heads. Way over our heads, but before we can explain, we have to liquidate the Secret Haven estate.

We named it Secret Haven because for several years the City of Knoxville didn’t even know the farm existed.

When we are finished with the estate, there is another story that no one knows exists. It’s the story about Our Little Homestead and the coffee house that once was.


Open source project and business plans for a
market garden, homesteading for profit and
a coffee house on the homestead.

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A coffee house on a city homestead and creating open source plans, and sharing what we learn.

Learning how to find our way through homesteading and starting a coffee house, and keeping it running. Basically, we started a coffee house, but figured out no one wanted to give us whole sale pricing because we were too new, and too small.

We closed the coffee house and decided in order to get wholesale pricing, we would have to grow our own produce and start a buying club. Then reality hit. We now blog about reality.

~A New Chapter: http://cityhomestead.net/new-chapter-learning-homesteading-by-walking-through-it/
~Business Model: http://cityhomestead.net/our-business-model/
~Write The Vision: http://cityhomestead.net/step-1/
~Vision Defined: http://cityhomestead.net/our-vision-defined/

Right now, we flip contents of homes, by way of estate sales. We go from one house to another and sell the contents of homes. Some times we lose money. Sometimes we gain money. But mostly, we wonder where we are with YHWH and what His will is for us.

1. Setting up a homestead in the city and working with the code restrictions. (Knoxville, TN) Why don’t we live in the country? I don’t know. My husband likes the city. Perhaps some day he will like the country, but right now, we are walking through the only open door we have.

We are blogging about our experiences, beginning with the estate sale that brought us back to Tennessee, and then what brought us to leaving Tennessee in the first place.

2. Setting up a domestic kitchen in Clinton, TN. We are using the Tennessee Cottage Food law as a guideline.

3. Setting up a market garden.

4. Setting up a coffee house.