What facilities are offered by budget hotels in Noida?


Noida is a suburban area close to Delhi. It is an industrial area and many big corporate have their offices there. But most of you wonder whether there are any budget hotels in Noida, considering that it is not a tourist place, so why would anybody set shop there?

The answer to the question is an emphatic yes. There are many budget hotels in Noida. But why? That’s the next question you must be pondering on reading the above statement. The answer to that question is pretty simple- Noida is located close to Delhi, but it does not have the hustle-bustle of a capital city. Therefore, many tourists coming to Delhi prefer to stay in Noida because they get the best of both worlds- they get the quietness and the solace needed to have a relaxing holiday and they get the proximity to a big metropolis to go sightseeing and enjoy a good holiday.

But then again, you must be asking yourself the question- do budget hotels in Noida offer any facilities and if so, what are the facilities offered by budget hotels in Noida?

Here are a few tips to help you avoid ending up the same way the other foreign travellers did. You must keep the following points in mind while looking for cheap guest houses in India:

Just because Noida is not as big as Delhi does not that the budget hotels in Noida are of poor quality. There are quality budget hotels in the city which offer state-of-the-art facilities to travellers. Most of the budget hotels here have internet facility keeping in mind the business travellers that may visit the city because of the presence of various business houses.

Budget hotels in Noida also have fantastic room service as well as some facilities that have become common place in the luxury hotels like in-room tea/coffee maker, temperature controlled rooms etc. Of course, there are good budget hotels and there are bad budget hotels in Noida. But that’s true for any city in the world, isn’t it?

It is for you to see that while booking budget hotels in Noida, you use your own common sense and your experience to book properties that are worth the money spent. Using the power of the internet is a sure shot way to ensure that your money doesn’t go waste. There are many portals out there where real travellers post their reviews about the properties they stayed in and likewise. These portals can be a good source to know about budget hotels in Noida, or for that matter anywhere.

And just to reiterate my point, there are quality budget accommodations in Noida, and you must never undermine a city which is not a big metropolis.