What Do You Know About Shahroud Tourist Attractions While Traveling In Iran?

.tags Your travel to Shahroud will take you to the largest city of Semnan province. It is located 410 km from Tehran as well as from Mashad, making a junction with the Gorgan road. It is bordered on the north by the Alborz mountains and in the south, by the desert regions.

The river Tash, flows through the place and empties itself in the desert. The town experiences cold weather towards the mountainous side and temperate climate in other parts of the city. Located in Damghan basin, you will also find influences of the Great Salt Desert in this town.

Old Settlement

Many archaeological discoveries made in 2006 have found proof of a very old settlement in Shahroud, dating back to about 8000 years ago. The items found on the site include ovens and craft workshops, which you can see while traveling in Iran. Before this place became a full fledged city, it was only a small village until Fath Ali Shah of Qajar dynasty came to the throne.

The small village had only two old castles and a farm which you can still see today when you travel to Shahroud. The town came into prominence after the decline of the nearby city of Bastam after Mongols’ invasion at the area.

Tourist Attractions

The city of Shahroud is well known for its many nearby tourist attractions. Chief among them is the Seljuki mosque which is located in Bastam. Also nearby, you will find the village of Kharaqan which holds the tomb of Abul Hassan Kharaqani. He was a well known mystic of the renowned Sufis in this area.

While traveling in Iran, you will also find the Byar castle ruins here bordering on the desert side of Byarjomand. There is also a mosque in this place. At a short distance from the city is Farumad mosque. It is only possible to see the ruins of this mosque now.

When you travel to Shahroud, you must see the Shahroud museum. It was built during Qajar and Pahlavi periods. It has two stories with the facade being built of bricks. Many repair and renovation work has been done on this structure. It is famous for its beautiful architecture and tile work.